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    Hello everyone:
    Well from what I heard a certified mail means you got accepted because it contains all the info as to what's your next steps are and other things and getting a regular mail in your mailbox means that you didn't get in because it is just a simple letter to just simply let you know that you didn't get in. The certified letter is also a way for them to know whether or not you received the acceptance letter because you sign for it. once you receive your letter if you don't pay the fee withing 2 wks or if you reject the acceptance then the second round is sent out (people who are on the holding pill) from whom ever is the most qualify to the least. And the rest of the applicants will either recieve a rejection letter or ask to start in Jan....

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    Well congrat on you interview I hope everything went well for you. But no I don't think they tell you if you made it or not during the interview... but don't take my words for it because I haven't gotten my interview yet and I am not sure. But can you please share with me what happened please and also what is you current GPA? I would like to know because mine is a little low comparing to many.

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    Hello everyone
    I just spent most of the night reading all of the postings. I applied at the beginning of the month and I haven't gotten a call yet for an interview. My friend applied in feb. and got her interv. in march. One thing that I have working against me is that I am now taking 7 classes that they need I will be done with them by next week and I am just hoping that they are only waiting for these grades.I also email Renee this morning to also apply at the fort myers campus. I just have to start the program this fall on either campuses....

    I have a quest. thought .... everyone who applied and got an inter. can you guys please let me know your GPA's?

    Thank you