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    Hey cris,

    Unfortunately, you do need to go through the new graduate program which opens up twice a year (once around march I believe and another sometimes during the winter - I would call to double check the dates).

    Right now VALB is only hiring BSN nurses :/ however maybe they will make an exception for veterans? The hiring process is based on a point system and being a veteran, you'll definitely have an advantage.

    Good luck!

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    I don't have any experience with VA LA; however, I work at VA Long Beach in CA (which is also located in LA county).

    I have been at VA LB for 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I worked in a private sector hospital in Newport Beach before working at VALB, and I have to say that the patients are much nicer and respectful in VALB and the co-workers are just like my new family members. The pay is competitive, your pay increases every two years regardless of what you did; however, it can move much faster if you are involved with leadership stuff.

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    this might be a little too late. but let me answer your question, just in-case other people are wondering as well.

    At VALB, they work a total of 80 hours in a 2 week period. so yes six 12 hour shifts + one 8 hour shift. you get paid for every hour you work; however, they like to say they are on salary (though you do get paid for OT)

    The ICU ratio is strictly 2:1

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    it's possible if you have connections

    in the end it all boils down to that

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    it's difficult enough to work 3-12s in a row.. let alone 5. but on the bright side you get more days off consecutively!

    no OT tho

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    VA Long Beach new grad
    Critical Care (ICU/ER)

    Starting ~$35.00/hr (+3.50 night diff) = $38-$39/hr

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    Honestly, the best way to find a job right now is through connections :/ I, myself, was only able to land a job because I had connections in a hospital that I interned at.

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    My interview at Cedars was a great experience My interviewer gave me all "5"s on my questions (I know this because he showed me lol), and told me that if he was the one making the decision, he would hire me right on the spot. However, Cedars is really far from my house..

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    conure girl,

    I actually don't think I can send PMs yet =/ but I might be able to reply to a PM, do you mind trying PMing your email address?


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    Does anyone know when they will let us know by?

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    Quote from tubman
    thanks for the UCSD msg, TeleNurse! I applied yesterday. fingers crossed!

    this morning just found out that a position I interviewed for was cancelled b/c of budget cuts! that's the second time that's happened to me.
    Tubman, which hospital was that? was it Hoag Hospital?

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    Is Hoag racist in picking new grads? because so far during my CCE program, I have yet to see a non-white nurse, most of their nurses have blond hair and blue eyes. It's very discouraging.

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    does anyone know if the nursing program at UCI is good or not? like is it accredited?

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    Quote from annalea
    You should try the Reginal Occupation Program
    I live in Perris Riverside County.

    I actually just made an appointment to go take an assesment test.
    And i believe there classes start in July or August.
    I actually called them today and they said that they dont offer summer classes... so are you talking about fall class?