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    I'm in Wisconsin, specifically the Fox Valley area (Green Bay/Appleton) and there are frequently openings around here.

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    congrats and good luck!

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    Quote from ruby vee
    boy do i have stories about disruptive doctors!

    usually everything they want to know is already charted or not charted because it isn't time to chart it yet. (0800 vitals, for example. or 0800 meds.) then, a few minutes later the surgery fellow comes by and asks the same questions all over again. and unless you're really fast, the intensivist and/or surgeon will interrupt yet again. i don't see why every layer of providers needs to interrupt report every morning. it would only take us 10-15 minutes if they didn't interrupt us! why don't they use that 10-15 minutes to go get coffee? and if they don't want us interrupting their sign-out, why must they interrupt our report every single morning?! it shows an overwhelming lack of respect for the nursing staff!
    better yet, rather than using that time to get coffee, why don't they use that time to review things themselves and answer their own questions? our system is computerized. they make way more money than i do. click on the stupid mouse and pull up the patients chart instead of asking me asinine questions repeatedly. my time is just as valuable as yours, so stop wasting it so i have time to take care of your patient.