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    Hi Dyana!

    Funny you should ask me that. I JUST got off the phone with Natasha with a couple questions. :-)

    Anyway, so far I have completed:

    CPR class
    Titers for MMR and chicken pox
    First TB skin test
    First Hep Vax
    TDap vax
    Background check
    Drug test
    Insurance Proof (though waiting on their response)
    Patches sown on scrubs

    I still have to:
    Get second TB skin test (Wednesday appointment)
    Get second Hep shot (will have to do this RIGHT before classes start due to month spacer between shots)
    Fill out forms, gather info and send in what I have

    In the meanwhile, I am still waiting for my financial aid letter and getting VERY nervous about it. I am also waiting for some stuff I ordered at open house (stethoscope, polo shirts, etc). It seems the deadlines for all the scholarships are past, so I'm a little frustrated about that.

    How about you? How goes your progress?

    - donna

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    I'm starting the OU Glendale BSN program in June. I'm so excited (and nervous)! I'd also love to talk to people in their satellite programs to get some insight.

    - donna

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    I was recently accepted and start in June. My GPA was 3.9 across the board. I'm very excited and hope it's a great program. I go to their open house this Friday, where I should learn about the specifics and logistics of the program. I'll be doing the program out of the Glendale, CA offices. If you're interested in hearing about my experience there, feel free to contact me, and I'll fill you in. :-)

    - donna