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    Why would they teach you marketing doesn't work? Wouldn't you me more angry then? Marketing is not the same for everyone, espesially when marketing to attorneys. You are entitled to your opinion but I think you have the wrong attitude to do this type of work. Their course and products are effective if you use them to your advantage. I am living proof. If you just sit there and look for stuff to complain about, you will get nowhere. If you have a problem with them or their course, try giving them a call. They are always very helpful when I call. If you took their course, you get unlimited mentoring as I do. In the end, I think you should be more positive if you want to get anywhere. Best of luck to you.

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    I had previously taken the VMI course. I purchased the certification course and themarketing brochures. After a whole year of trying, i could not get a case. I found LNC Stat and gave them a call. I spoke to Veronica, the actual teacher and owner. She was great. She answered all my questions and we spoke for about 45 minutes. I decided to go with the LNC STAT course with their marketing package in atttempts to make my LNC goals a reality. The course was great. Veroica and Ryan were very friendly and aproachable. It was very informative and hands-on. I loved doing the real case that's included. Within a week of completing the course and receiving my marketing package, I got two cases! Veronica and RN Market, the company who offers the LNC Stat course, are always available for whatever I need. I just give them a call. I have found that their marketing package really makes a difference when getting the cases after previously trying the brochure approach. They have developed their own methods to target the attorneys that we will work with. RN Market is the only place you can get this type of marketing so that is why you have to pay for their information. They said that they don't sell what doesn't work...and I agree. Their marketing is more effective than any typical brochure out there and their LNC Stat course helped change my life. So for I have had 15 cases in 4 months.