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    Well, sadly, I wasn't able to complete my shift today. I arrived with a chipper, respectful attitude, I was, as usual polite, and put myslef out there to take responsibility for all my patient care that was to be given. I want to my patients room and introduced myself properly and simply asked the family if they had any objections to me providing care, they said that would be fine. I reported off the my teacher and asked if we could talk privatley, if, of course, she had the time. She agreed. We discussed all of the things that were on my mind, but her reaction was completely unporfessional, I stated that I was'nt interested in arguing, and I would like to look for a solution and maybe, if she could provide me with some advise. She told me that I needed to be more assertive and told me that she didn't recall some of those events. After the conversation ended I went back to the floor, checked on my patient and reported off to the patients nurse. Then, to my suprise, the instructor stopped me in the hallway and asked if I would like to give a shot. I went with her to the nursery and drew up the shot. The nurse requested that I change the needle after drawing up the solution, I agreed to this (I believe the needle was not filtered and she wanted to avoid putting plastic from the container into the baby) In the process of switching the needle I had some diffuculties removing the cap. My instructor nearby got frusturated and quickly reached for the needle without warning, and as she said, "here, let me" the flintched, the cap came off and I was stuck in my right thumb, thank goodness the needle was clean. I swabbed my wound with alcohol while the teacher prepared another needle. To my amazment she was going to use the same syrienge. I looked at her and with my newly taught assertiveness said "let's not use this one." She asked, "why." I replied, "I just stuck myself with the needle attached to it and don't want to risk contamination." She said that wouldn't be necessary. So I became more assertive and said "I will not be responsible for a possible infection that could occur" to my dismay, she asked my "why, do you have a disease that we need to know about?" I was shocked. I asked "excuse me?" She exclaimed, if you have something we need to know about it. I stated, "Its possible that I could have, but that's really none of your business. Why don't we just change the whole syrienge and start over to be sure." I picked up the syrienge with no needle on it and walked toward the sink and asked permission to waste the drug down the sink. She reluctantly said "I guess." Then she got another student to give the shot while I waited for staff to get direction on what I was to do about the incident. They said my school would deal with it, so I cleared off with my nurse and told them that I would be leaving and asked if that would be alright. She said that would be fine and my patient was going to be discharged soon. I left and went to my school to discuss the incident with the head of nursing and the health sciences dean. I told them about everything that involved the teacher and I over our entire relationship. They told me that I have now missed too many clinical hours and would have to drop my classes and return next semester. I started to cry, then I asked if I could transfer to our states capital and go to the school there. She said, yes, if they have room for you. That made me happy, I thanked her and left. Maybe the big city will have more diversity and be a little more acceptive. Not to mention better hospitals, with more volume. Thanks for listening

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    I feel a immense lack confidence in myself after my first day of ob. I'm not really sure how to handle my current situation and I'm seeking a little bit of guideance from other nursing students. The program that I am in is sort of fast tracked and our class will only be in the ob clinical setting for 4 12 hour days. We have already completed two of these days and I had to leave the second day because of a fever. I feel very uncomfortable after being told in front of the other students that i would not be allowed to watch a vaginal birth because I am a male. From that point on the other students took the comment made by the instructor as a guideline for how I was to be treated regarding my sex. I was then shouted at by the student that i was grouped with after knocking on the door to gain permission from the patient to enter the room. The student exclaimed in a very unprofessional manner "she is breastfeeding" aludeing that i needed to leave the room as if i had no place as a male nursing student to participate in the care of my patient. At this same time, I had no knowledge that she was preforming the assessment on the neonate. Therefore, I did not get to perform, or even observe the actual assessment. Our c.i. did attempt to demonstrate a neonate assessment on the same baby but stopped after the child became fussy. Then, demonstrated another assessment on another neonate and just simply didnt even inform me that she was about to do so. The teacher also made a comment that "being a male, you are going to find that this next clinical rotation is going to be particularly hard for you guys" to me and the only other male student in the entire program. Then another gender based comment was made toward the other male student, something along the lines of a praise "you did a really good job in there john doe, and maintained a professional appearance and attitude, something that most men find diffucult on an ob unit." Now, i do like this teacher and I dont really believe that she is out to get me or anything, I think its possible that she just puts her foot in her mouth too often and says things she means in a different way. But, this is, once again, setting the tone for the male student treatment for the other students. Also not once was the patient asked if they had any objection to being cared for by a male student. None of the quotes are exact, the quotation marks are used to identify when the other subject is speaking. But, the paraphrases in quotation convey the content of the things that were actually said. Please, can anyone bless me with some advise on how to turn my situation around, I just want to be a nurse and graduate on time.