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    Yeah. I just got accepted to Barnes for the Jan. 09' semester, which IS the evenings class/weekend clinical program. Not sure what the receptionist was telling you. (She probably had no idea what she was talking about) I do know that there is already a waiting list for Jan '09 semester. Hope this helps!

    P.S. Like the above poster already said, I would try emailing. If that doesn't work, just call in and ask to speak to Anita. She is VERY friendly and knowledgeable. Good luck, and I hope this isn't coming like 6 months too late.

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    Hey! As far as a quick list as "good" nursing schools in St. Louis:

    -Barnes-Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing
    -UMSL School of Nursing
    -SLU School of Nursing
    -St. Louis Comm. College
    -St. Charles Comm. College

    I would AVOID both Sanford-Brown and Chamberlain. This advice would come directly from my stepmom who is a head nurse of her division. She controls the hiring of all of her staff, and they won't even consider applicants from those schools. I myself am going to Barnes, and as the previous posters said--there are multiple options for an accelerated degree. Those being SLU, UMSL, Barnes. (I'm actually not 100% UMSL has one, they do though I'm sure).

    Yeah, about 1 year of prereqs minimum. Good luck on your search!