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    You didn't mention Jewish, is it bad?

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    Quote from caliotter3
    well, out of curiosity as well as concern for the op, i notice they haven't given us an update. i suppose they got kicked out.
    she prolly didn't appreciate the negative feedback, most people wouldn't come back after getting slammed by their school, ranting about it on this board, then getting slammed by the board.

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    Kentucky does not equal gay tolerant but Louisville is better than most places in the state.

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    Why would bringing food stop you from learning, when classes (lecture) are back to back and during the lunch hours you bring food to class. I've only had one professor who banned eating. None of the others cared. Nearly everyone has a coke or water with them, quarter have food.

    What are you going to report, colleges can set their own rules. I doubt whoever you reported this rumor of people eating or coming in late would care.

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    I feel it needs to be defended if she's going to spout it out.
    I'd let it go and get through the class. Professors vs student = professor wins. She controls your grade and could really screw you over.

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    i haven't had to buy a clicker yet because i haven't had a professor who required it. to me it an extra fee on top of all the other costs especially for teacher who only use them for attendance taking purposes. the good thing is you only have to buy one once.

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    don't think it should be any of the bons business if you got a dui or any other crimes that is not related or affects your work as a nurse.

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    two different things.

    how does someone cheating hurt you? do you feel slighted because they are getting an unfair advantage vs you who doesn't cheat. most people snitch because of this alone and wrap it in an honor code to make them feel better about their totally altruistic motives.

    either way, i don’t cheat, i don’t care if someone does, it doesn’t affect me.

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    do you snitch on cheaters?

    nope, i mind my own business.

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    You're being overly sensative.......

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    does anyone elses school raise tuition rates every year? this year our school/state thinks we should be grateful for just a 5% hike because it's the lowest in several years. like ***, how about not raising rates ten times faster than natural inflation, then we'll be grateful.

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    But first you need to accept the fact that YOU FAILED...not that THEY FAILED YOU
    That isn’t always the case, there are some shady professors and programs out there.

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    We musn't ever challenge those in power, right or wrong, seems to be how a lot of nursing schools work. Hope they don't kick you out.

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    we had a girl raped at my high school. What did people do, gossip and dog the girl. The school nurse wasn't involved, as the girl walked to her car and left for home before anyone knew.

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    Nursing is good pay for a lot of people, not many places you'll make as much as a nurse with just a 2 year degree.