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    I am a student in NAU's BSN program in AZ and it is a competitive program that takes students based on how well they did on the requirements, like GPA of pre-reqs, and it does not bias on if you got your pre-reqs done at that school or not. It does not require the CNA license neither does any other of AZ's state universities or Community colleges that I have seen. The State schools are all competitive and the community colleges are on a 2 year waiting period. NAU currently has satellite nursing campuses in Tucson, Navajo Nation and Yuma. The Yuma site accepts 10 people a semester and so far they have not filled that since no one applies for that campus so they have taken people as long as the minimum requirements were met. So that may be a consideration for you if you are willing to move.

    "So, I put it to everyone, does having a CNA really prepare a nursing student for what comes next? Or, does it do more harm than good?"

    I did not have any medical experience when entering school and I have not has any problems. Given your experience you should not have any problems. It was slightly harder knowing what to do around a patient at first but I quickly learned that skill. I also know some clinical instructors who did not like the CNA's in my class and others because in the beginning they would just sit there like they already knew everything and not participate in lab activities. We are also taught all the skills a CNA does in the first few weeks. I know many people who were turned off from being a CNA even though a nurse might hardly ever do a CNA's duties. Also at least one community college in AZ does not even teach CNA skills that are not pertinent to a Nurse's duties stating that they do not need to know it because they can delegate to a CNA. This I do not agree with at all.

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    I have just recently moved to Yuma for nursing school. So far what I have noticed about YRMC is that it is a big hospital and for the most part pretty new. It is also expanding a lot still. It has a lot of new equipment and I hear from my instructors that it is a good place to work at, with a lot of maneuverability for changing departments. They do require you to work 6 months in a department before you can move though. The hospital pays well and I understand there to be room for movement. Also housing is very cheap.

    Yuma is a decent size city at about 120,000 people and that number at least doubles in the winter when snowbirds arrive. This is a great place to move if you have a family or are married. It is a horrible place to be single though. This is because there are not many singles in the first place and there is not much for places to meet other singles. Also you have to compete with a lot of marines if you go to the bars due to the local marine base.