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    For a majority of the population your statement is correct, but nitrous oxide oxygen sedation is titrated to the desired effect. Some patients may do well with 30% and others require 50% or up to 70%. The traditional Entonox demand valve is also rather difficult for pediatrics to trigger the valve release which is one reason we prefer continuous flow deliver devices. (Lastly, Entonox or "pre-packaged" 50/50 nitrous/oxygen is not currently FDA approved in the United States unfortunately... but I am sure it is effective for a large portion of the patient population).

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    Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Sedation is extremly safe, and highly effective for reducing pain and anxiety in pediatrics and adults! There is a plethora of evidence based literature supporting the safe, and efficacious administration of nitrous oxide oxygen sedation by EMS and Registered Nurses worldwide.

    The key to success is in part attributed to the pharmakenetics, pharmacodynamics, fail safe delivery equipment and additional continuing education required by nitrous oxide oxygen sedation professionals.

    Visit a listserve / website for all health care professionals seeking information on Nitrous Oxide Oxygen sedation.