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    If your program does not state which one you have to wear, then you can wear whichever you like. Men usually wear the surgical caps. At my hospital it is your personal choice which one to wear.

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    I have had 3 semesters of NS and I have not opened my developmental psych book one single time. We didn't need it for our psych rotations either.

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    Hello, I do not know if you found your answer already but I do not think the program being grant funded has anything to do with paying for school privately. The grant the school receives for the program pays for the teachers salaries and such. You should be able to pay for school any way you want without having to fill out any financial aid. Hope this helps you!!!!

    Good Luck,

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    On the Hesi my score was an 85 and my GPA is 3.5 or 3.6. I can't remember exactly. I did have the 1 extra point for experience because I am a Certified Surgical Tech.

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    I just got into Dscc's nursing program for Fall '09. I have no idea what the point totals were for everyone else but my point total was 22 or 23.