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    Just moved from Sunny (Smoggy) CA because it is much to expensive to live there, with $4800/yr property taxes and yearly car registration fees of $600 per vehicle. Utilities have been cut down from $400 a month to $125/month, since my move out of state. Now I have much more take home pay with propery taxes of $542 on a 20 acre ranch and car registration of $58, and not to mention a better paying job. I am making $13.50 per hour compared to $9.25 per hour, in Ca, as a CNA. Well enough of that. I am new to this forum, and am glad to see that nurses and CNA's are standing up for themselves and demanding better pay, for their hard work. Before switching to the nursing profession, I was a network administrator and making only 1/3 of what my male counterparts were making. I decided to go into nursing because atleast you have unions, and make better wages. Still,
    there is room for improvement, and $50.00/hour is the least you should be asking for your services. Nursing is one of the most important jobs in the world. Thanks for letting me spout off.