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    I heard the TX BON updates the website on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I would think your license will be posted today or Thursday.

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    Yes, that's the one!!!

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    Quote from chrysdamian
    Does "when in doubt pick C" ever work in anyones favor?
    That absolutely does not work. In fact my review book advised against that. Get it narrowed down to two and then work from there.

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    Thanks. I am right around 300 applications in Dallas. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Google NCLEX 3500. There is a link to a community college NCLEX 3500. There are hundreds of SATA questions. I feel they really helped me prepare.

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    I did 200 questions a day. It was very time consuming but worth it.

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    Quote from billo
    Hi, thanks alum
    Sorry I forgot to mention it, I gave NCLEX once last year but I didn't pass. That time I took Kaplan live review course, and this year I took Hurst live review course. I have Saunders 4th edition, Kaplan, Lippincott, PDA book. But I don't know how I will start. From where I will start my study? Please tell me, it's very difficult for me.
    I did the content review first- which for me was reading the Hurst book first, then did practice questions. My final day of studying I went through a smaller book to refresh and reinforce what I had been studying. Occasionally I would take notes from the practice questions. Although, I never found time to go back and review the notes I took. I found it helpful to write some things down - but never went over the notes, so that may have been a time sucker.

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    Quote from billo
    Hi guys,
    Can anyone give me advice? All are saying that in April the NCLEX-RN format iwll change. I want to give NCLEX but I haven't any preparation. So according to you guys, shall I start preparation and give my exam before April or shall I wait until May or JUne? I did my nursing in 2005. Or two months is enough to study? Please tell me.
    2005 - that has been a really long time. Since so much time has passed I really recommend a review course. You will probably need a strong structured review. You should take it sooner than later, in my opinion. Yes the exam updates every 3 years. Since you have been out so long you should review content regularly. Start doing those phone apps and get some good books.

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    I want to share my experience with others. I could not afford $400-$500 on a review course. I used the Hurst review book ($50) - great for content summaries. Lippincotts "NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy" and Hesi's "NCLEX Review" (bought both early on during nursing school). I also used an online link for "Nursing 3500." Our school held a HESI 3 day review and I used that book too. I also used the Lippincotts iPhone apps (each have about 1000 free questions). There is also a free mini Kaplan Q-bank.

    I did 200 questions a day for about 10 days before the test. Before that I read the Hurst book. I would suggest doing things in tutor mode - bc if you do the test mood, it takes twice as long. You then have to go back and read everything a second time.

    I did not study all night before the end of the test. I took it easy. I didn't study the day of either. I scheduled my exam for late in the afternoon so that I wouldn't stress about waking up early. I could also take a nap if I needed to.

    Eat a big meal packed with protein! I ate a burrito with eggs, sausage, and cheese. I had a vitamin water and a coffee.

    I did the Pearson Vue Trick and it worked!

    Happy studying. Don't cheat yourself, put he work in and rest later! Most importantly, believe in yourself and have confidence!

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    Quote from kristinafaith
    if i have a bad gpa is lpn the way to go?
    Some schools place more weight on the entrance exam - so as long as you meet the minimum, you might be okay. Depends on the admission requirements.

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    ADN program at Brookhaven College!!! Whoot whoot!!!

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    Apply to both and go where you get accepted.

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    You can take it at MVC and then take it at BHC. BHC will only count the exam taken there. So you are fine. I had that same question when I was applying at El Centro. Call the nursing office and they will confirm.

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    Quote from Hobbits
    I was wondering, I have all my BSRN pre reqs for Texas Womans, but I took most of them at 3 different community colleges. Can the university's make me retake classes to get my BSRN from them once I get my RN from Brookhaven?
    No, as long as they are the same courses needed, then they will be fine.

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    I have looked again at TTU. , TWU, and UTT. I want to do leadership and use my MBA eventually. I hope to do clinical nursing for about five years only.