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    I think everyone is looking a little too far into this. First of all the article wasn't really about what to call a DNP nurse. It is about expanding responsibilities for NP's. I don't think anyone is suggesting that NP's begin preforming surgeries, or giving you chemo treatments. We are talking about Primary Care. Not specialized care. To those of you who would NEVER go to an NP, let me ask you this. When you have UTI do you not know it before you go to the Doc? How about a URI? Flu? Allergies? Sprained ankle? Migraines? Low back pain? Erectile dysfunction? Do any of these things need 11 years worth of Med School to dx and tx? I don't think so. Rural America has been using NP's as the "Doc" for years and I don't think that you will find a higher incidence of malpractice in these small towns. Walgreen's has setup clinics all over the US that are run by NP's. They are doing quite well and no one is complaining that the person writing the scripts for their Augmentin isn't an MD. All this will do is allow NP's to get paid the same pay, for the same service. If the NP at Walgreens examines me, takes a culture, diagnosis my URI and prescribes meds, is that not what my MD would have done? Why should we then pay the NP less? The same job was preformed. Is it because the MD went to school longer? Well that's his/ her fault for being over educated for my particular problem. Maybe one day I will be sick enough to need their level of expertise. In any other profession this would never happen. We don't pay for services based on education. We pay by the job. Have you ever asked to see the credentials of your plumber, mechanic, hair stylist, or Pastor? Of course not, you pay for the brake job, drain repair, hair cut and service. This is nothing more than MD's trying to maintain their "Elite" status and the NP's trying to have a little more autonomy. Everyone will find their niche and settle into it in short order.

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    Hi There Rachel and Rachel. Paul Rhodes here. Nice to "meet" you. I will be starting with ya next week, and I look forward to getting through this program together. Only two more years. Not bad... I guess.

    See ya next week.

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    I would like to get back to the EXTREMELY high failure rate at Jeff State. I hear from students that are in now that some quit because they just don't like it. Most however, fail math or practicals. Handwashing and asceptic techniques bites alot of people. How is this? I have a feeling at Centerpoint at least, if they don't like're out! Does anyone know why they start 50 and graduate 15?

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    Quote from TemperTantrum
    I'm in! 3rd times a charm! Prolly gonna wait for the Fall semester, tho.

    Anyone know anything about the orange paper that says you might wualify for financial assitance? I am no longer eligible for federal loans--- which is stupid, because I've only borrowed about 3 semesters worth-- so I'm absolutely relying on scholarships at this point.

    Hey Tantrum,
    I just read a post about you going back to UAB...what happened to keep you at JSCC?

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    I have a friend that just finished the 18 month and 20k dollar pharm tech program there, the same one Jeff Satate offers for $995 and takes 6 weeks.

    We were taking A&P at the same time. All of you Jeff Staters know that big Green AP book with the tennis girl on it. That's a real AP book. Hers was paperback and about 150 pages. Seriously, it was a joke. No wonder their credits don't transfer.

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    Sorry MBagby, I just now saw the post about how I know. I have completed EVERY prereq, have a 3.8 and 198 points. I'm just playing the odds really. The cutoff last semester was 184.

    Did you all know that the class that started in the Spring is down to 22 people!!!?!!! What the %$!#$#@ is going on in there. If I lived anywhere near ANY other school, I would go there.

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    Dr. Black is the only daytime Micro instructor. I just finished her class a couldn't stand her. I learned nothing. However I got my A. I am definately in the minority here though, most people love her.

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    I think 185 is solid at Shelby. I go tot he Pinson campus but I think the Shelby cutoff is usually about 185. I was told the letters will go out the 1st or 2nd week of June. Micro wasn't so bad and I think you will have no problem taking it with nursing. Good luck to you.

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    Can anyone give me the Gen Ded requirements for the BSN program. I can't find it on the site anywhere. I am getting close to my RN and want to work on BSN pre-reqs. Any help would be awesome.

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    I have applied, and will be accepted for, the Fall at Jefferson campus. Good luck to ya!

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    I spoke to Bonnie Glass about this last week and either your Bio prof is wrong, (Not hard if it's Dr. B.) or Mrs Glass lied right to my face. The school and the teachers are considering it, but no hard plans yet according to Glass. The State of Alabama determines the entrance requirements for ALL C.C. nursing programs. This is the reason that EVERY C.C. ion the state uses the dumb point system.

    The point system isn't fair because half of your points come from your ability to read, and you can keep taking your math and Bio classes OVER, and OVER, and OVER until you get the points you need, while you have clearly demonstrated that you are not the kind of student who will make it. It's pathetic, and you're just taking someones spot. I'm not down on someone taking A class over. But if you are taking 2, 3, 4, 5, classes over to get the points, please do all of us a favor and go flip burgers.

    I can't wait for the PAX exams to come in (if they ever do). This will make a better caliber of RN student, and better school.

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    Almost 100 views and ZERO responses. Come on Jeff State folks, what's on your mind?

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    I am at Jeff State now and I can tell you that 175 won't get in. 184 was the cutoff last semester at the Pinson campus, and that is the highest it's ever been at this campus. 99 on the compass is doable, but I got a 98. Still don't know what I missed and that makes me mad..... no way to find out.
    Jeff state accepts 50 per semester while Wallace accepts about 200, so the points are lower. Wallace has a better NCLEX pass rate by far. Wallace has done it longer, and does it better.

    The PAX exam is absolutely a rumor. THERE IS NO TRUTH TO IT. Many of the teachers want it to be true, but the entrance criteria is set by the State of Alabama. Do you think is is merely coincidence that EVERY community college in the state uses the exact same point system?

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    They look at overall GPA, but only secondary to the points.

    Compass or ACT reading is 76 - 99 points.
    BIO 103, 201, 220, Micro, Chem I and II and a MTH100 make up the other points. Choose three of theese. A's are worth 30, B's 20 and C's 10. You get an additional eleven for Math 100 or 116 with an A.

    The total is 200. Usually the lowest that makes it in is about 184 or so. Iknow it's confusing, but you will get the idea soon enough.

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    WENDY - Let me apologize, that came out MUCH uglier than I wanted. I have worked in healthcare for a while, and at least where I am, RN jobs are still in good demand. I know I am a student, but I would have never started this road if there weren't jobs available by the truckload. I am in the know. Not just listening to my college recruiter, but the HR people I work with now.