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  • Feb 17

    The best way to learn is to teach. The best way to study smarter and not harder is to teach.

    More tips- Did you know that when you study with flash/index cards you are only using one of the cognitive levels of critical thinking? You are only using, the knowledge level, and if that is your primary method of studying, then you are studying harder, not smarter. You are putting yourself at risk of information 'overload'. You are putting too much pressure on yourself to remember too much information.

    So, should you stop using flash/index cards to study? No. But to maximize the use of your flash/index card method, you should incorporate the other cognitive critical thinking levels into your method. How?

    For example, you define Parenteral-
    Taken into the body or administered in a manner other than through the digestive tract, as by intravenous or intramuscular injection. (parenteral - definition of parenteral in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.)

    If you stop there, then you will limit your opportunity to cover more cognitive bases, such as comprehension, application, and analysis. To include all four levels of cognitive thinking and to solidify your understanding of the information and therefore better prepare you for test questions. Include the following to the definition above.
    When is parenteral used instead of oral, why? What are the types of parenteral methods, sites, medications (risks/benefits) needle gauges, administration procedure, why is this dependent function, which clients are likely/less likely to receive this method...

    Even if you don’t write all this on your flash/index card, you MUST START THINKING LIKE THIS, SO MAKE IT A MENTAL HABIT TO INCLUDE IT WITH YOUR FLASH/INDEX CARDS.