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    I am an LVN in CA and I supervise 4 RN's, 3 LVN's, 2 MSW's (Master Social Worker), 6 SWA'S(Bachelor level SW's assistants) and 23 CNA's. I am kind of tired of this whole LNV under RN debate. I have alot of respect for an RN but it does'nt mean that just cause some one is an RN they know everything. Supervising comes with experience and knowledge of your certain area. Supervising is knowing and understanding Title 22 regulations (as they pertain to your area), HIPPA, Department of Health Services, Department Of Aging and any other governing body that governs and regulates what ever institution you serve. I have dealt with all of these governing bodies when we go through our state audits and I know that not just anyone can handle that. So to all of these nurses that have it wrong, supervising is not only about overseeing a nurses skills. Its ensuring that a facility is abiding to atleast the minimum requirements that your governing bodies are requiring.

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    To all of the nurses out here in CA make sure that when you choose a program like TCN (ISU) it's because you really need an online program. I am the nursing supervisor at work, Mon-Fri 9a-5pm, Sat 7A-3P so I dont have time for the traditional LVN-BSN like I would like. My only option is on-line so I chose to go through TCN but if you have time to go to school, do it. If you still have the chance find your school first then your work because when you start work you can let them know when you can work. Think of your personal situation and do what best suites you. Dont listen to all the negative and all the positive about any one way of doing your school. Do your research and know what is accredited in your state. Excelsior has been booted from CA. but it might work somewhere else. If you are a new grad dont get in to too many bills with your new paychecks. I was 20 when I became an LVN started at $22/hr then $25/hr and now I get $27/hr and that was what stoped me from doing my school I had to work, wait, and pay off the bills that I got when I got my license.

    I appolagiza for the novel but these are some of the realities of young nurses.
    Hope I could help.