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    Unfortunately I do, I accepted the program but with in the next 30 days I have to give them $100 to hold my seat so Im trying to figure out what to do before then. Im hoping to atleast find out about one school before 30 days. But I guess if I don't ill just pay the $100 and whatever happens, happens.

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    I did considering going to get my lpn but alot of the community colleges already started their programs so i would have to wait till next year by then I could probably get into rn program. I also tried looking at technical schools but they want over 20,000 just for a 15 month program and I thought that was a little expensive just to become a lpn. Thanks for the advice.

    Good luck with your lpn program

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    Hello Everyone,

    First time posting a thread, hopefully I do it right.

    For the past 2 years I have been going to a community college and taking pre reqs for the nursing program. At my school there is an extremely long waiting list and for you to even be considered you have to have almost all of your pre reqs done. After the spring semester I will be finished taking all my pre reqs, unfortunately since I dont have a grade for them until may they aren't considered complete so I was put on the waiting list for the fall of 2009. So as of right now I have no classes to take for the fall. Over the last 2 years I have also been interested in Ultrasound and my school recently started a Sonography program so I applied to it just as another choice if I decided to not do the nursing thing. After finding out I did not get in to the nursing program for fall I applied to alot of other schools most have already picked students for their fall classes. Last week I found out that I was accepted into the ultrasound program that will start this summer. Im on the fence about what to do. I think ultrasound would be fun and exciting and maybe less stressful than nursing. However Im waiting on 2 other schools to find out if I got into their nursing programs. I don't know if I should accept the ultrasound invitation or turn it down and hope to get into one of the other schools for nursing.

    My main concern for ultrasound is will i be able to find a job when I get done the program? I don't want to go through 2 years of schooling and then have trouble finding a job.

    Atleast if I go into nursing I know there will be a job when I get done school the only problem is trying to get into a nursing program.

    Im looking for someone in the ultrasound field to tell me there experience after graduating school. What the job market is like and the salary, pretty much tell me the pros and cons of ultrasound.

    Thanks in advance to reading my post!

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    Do you know if camden county is still accepting people for the april 2009 class?

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    How much did it cost you for the lpn program at prism?

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    Well I emailed the director and she told me to even be considered i had to have atleast 32 credits completed. But then I found out that one of the girls in my class got accepted and she only has one more class completed then i do so i dont know whats going on. I just decided to apply at different places instead

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    I attend BCC and after this semester I will have all my pre reqs done. I applied for fall of 2009 and did not get in because techniqually I am not FINISHEd my last 4 classes. So as of right now i have 28 out of 36 and i did not get in. They keep telling me there taking people with 32 or more credits. Good Luck.