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    I'm a third-year undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in a life science with an overall 2.8 gpa with about a 2.6-2.7 science GPA. I still have some time to pull it up but I don't think it's ever going to be that high I struggled with taking too many hard classes at once and 2 years of depression but I've been feeling better and trying to put my life (and schooling) back on track.

    I've been looking into volunteering and clinical internships. I've been working in healthcare type jobs every summer since my sophmore year in high school (e.g. chiropractic office, optometry, lab technician, etc.). I did really well on my SATs so I expect to do well on the GREs as long as I put some studying in.

    I would love to get into a direct entry masters of nursing program. I'm aware that this is probably not possible with my current GPA and would also consider going to a accelerated BSN program but, again, worried I won't get in. I was thinking of taking a year off to finish up some pre-reqs that weren't covered by my major- like microbio- and maybe interning abroad to improve my language skills for a few months. I'd say I'm comfortable conversation in German (which probably isn't that helpful in CA, where I'd like to stay, but I guess better than nothing, right ? )

    Please help me! I'd love any advice about nursing school, what I should be doing now, or any tips! Do I have a chance to get in anywhere? I'm totally lost right now. Thanks so much!