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    To answer your question...I would not try to negotiate a pay as a new grad. If you are not happy with what is offered then don't take the job, but they will find someone who will and with things the way they are right now I would jump at the opportunity.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    I live in SC and I just got a job in LTC. It is a new facility and I am starting at just over 20/hr. This is 7a-7p. I thought it was a little low but I wasn't going to complain, I have had a difficult time even getting an interview. I was also told that I should get a raise within a couple of months.

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    Don't forget your ABC's. Airway, breathing, circulation. Ask yourself what would be the outcome if I did... Remember to take your time and don't make up a story. Have you ever heard of Kapan? We used this as part of our nursing classes and it really helped. They have books available and they are great. Also the NCLEX for dummies. Both are well written and have practice questions.

    I sugest practice, practice, practice. Your questions from here on out will most likely be critical thinking, I would be shocked if any of your questions were knowledge based.

    Good luck, I am sure you will get the hang of it.

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    I am a recent grad and in my school it would have been very difficult to cheat. The pre-req. classes it wouldn't be hard but the nursing classes VERY hard. You are not allowed to bring in anything to the testing center, not even your own pencil, (believe it or not someone took the time to write info all over their pencil), if you are going to take that much time why not just learn it.

    I HATE it when people try to take the easy road. It hurts the individual in the end, I know if I had cheated my way through school I would not have been able to pass boards on the first try. I couldn't imagine anyone could guess their way to a passing grade.

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    :wtosts:I am a new nurse. I just took boards, and passed, on March 6. I have applied for numerous positions with no luck. I finally got my first call back today and I go for an interview tomorrow morning. The bad thing is that my friend got the same call and she interviews 1 hour after me. I want the best for her but I really would like to have this position.

    What could I say or do at the interview that would make me stand out above the rest?

    Is it wrong of me to try my hardest to get the offer?

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    I have applied on-line because I was told that was the chain. I have called a couple of the NM on the floors just to let them know who I am and that I applied. I guess I just get impatient when they don't call me back in a couple of days and I don't want to bug them because then they would for sure toss my app. I guess I should just try and be patient but also be persistent.

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    I finished school Feb 19 and took the NCLEX and PASSED. While I was in school all I worried about was passing each test and then passing the NCLEX, little did I know that passing was the easy part. I have applied for so many positions and I get a rejection letter within minutes. This is very frustrating!!! I did very well in class and cinicals and now no job offers. I can't even get to an interview. I just wonder if my application is even getting to the nurse managers.

    Are there any nurse managers out there in the greenville/spartanburg/pickens area that could give me some insight on what I could do?

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    You really can't do the nursing program part time. You can do the pre-reqs part time. They were going to offer a night program but due to budget cuts they are unable to do so now. Between class, labs, and clinicals most of the classes are M-F. This does change every 5 weeks but I only had a few classes that didn't meet on Fridays. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it CAN BE DONE!!

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    Things have to get better. If you have the chance to further your career by all means...go ahead. I am going to keep a positive attitude and just keep looking.

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    I live in SC and I am having the same problem. I keep getting rejection letters saying that "another candidate better fits our needs" They are such generic rejection letters. It is so frustrating!!! I will keep looking, but it seems like unless you know someone it's impossible to get in.

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    I wouldn't start applying until closer to the end. I know all the hospitals in my area (SC) are computerized and if you apply for more than 3 positions within a short time the computer will automatically reject your application. You could check into volunteering at the place you want to work, this could be a good way to get your foot in the door. Good luck, and study, study, study!!

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    i took the nclex exam on friday march 6. i paid for the quick results and i passed !!! my question is... does anyone know how long it takes for the official license number to be posted to the llr website. i am getting nervous, i just want things to be official. i know i should be patient but i can't relax until i know something.:wtosts:

    what has been then average time for most?


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    I agree with Whispera, you should go back and read the rationales for the questions, I not only looked at the questions I got incorrect but went over the ones I got correct. I got a lot of priority questions and select all that apply. With the priority questions, I thought which pt is having expected symptoms, i.e. a pt with asthma is wheezing, or a pt with a casted leg has no pulses. which one would you see first. That is what helped me get through it, as far as the select all that apply, I would treat each option as true or false. I wish you the best of luck, just take your time and breath through each question, don't get caught up in the number of questions you get.

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    I think I would talk to the advisor at the college you are planning to attend. A year ago I would have suggested Chemistry, but while I was in nursing school it was changed that we no longer needed Chemistry, so before I took it I would make sure that you need it because you will always need anatomy.

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    I also took mine on the 6th, I found out on the 8th that I passed. It is so true that no matter how well you did everyone feels like they failed. Even if you leave thinking "that wasn't so hard" then you start the think "maybe I got all easy level questions, I must have failed" You have to stay positive, priority questions are higher level questions. Stay positive or you will drive yourself crazy.