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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    I've seen sub-acute facilities that hire LPNs, but it seems most LTAC hospitals go by the RN/tech model. Any one work in a LTAC that uses LPNs? What are their duties? Do they take pt assignments or is it more of a "team nursing" approach?

    I work in an LTAC and have for the past 1.5 yr as an LPN. I also worked there 2.5 yr as a nurses assistant. We do take patient assignments and have an average of 6 pt in a set. We take care of our pts the same as the RN's. The only things we don't do the care plans and new admits. We handle everything else and I have learned alot by working in one. I am also IV certified so we hang all the antibiotics and deal with TPN too. Hope this helps!! I truly love what I do as I help take care of those that can't take care of themself at this time.