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    which program did u graduate from? I'm currently attending LACC for ADN in my first semester. I know that there is a hiring freeze in LA county, but I just assumed that they would give new grads from their program priority.

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    I just gave my first bedbath two days ago and it wasn't too bad. It helped that my instructor did not watch me perform the actual bedbath, she just made sure I had my supplies ready to go. In my case I didn't talk to my pt because of a language barrier. I had a middle-aged male pt so I was a little nervous about that. I did mess up on a lot of things such as not having enough supplies (I had to run back and forth to get stuff, hard because he was on contact precautions and i had to gear up every time I came back), grabbing a gown but not pants or socks, and spilling water. I was also having a hard time figuring out how to wash the other side of his body when the basin was on the overhead table on one side of the bed. I ended up washing down one side of the body then moving the basin onto the otherside of the bed to finish down that side of the body. I washed his back and in the end I gave him cloths for him to clean his genital area. I was really afraid of hurting him ( he had pigtail drainage at two sites around his abs) and the whole time I kept thinking "did i miss any soapy areas?" I helped him get into his gown, put all his linens in the soiled linen bags and asked if he needed anything else. He told me that he wanted pants and I told him I would get them after I was done cleaning up. I finally finished in about 1 hour! I was so warm and slightly sweaty afterwards that my gloves were sticking.
    I felt good about not screwing up too badly and two hours later as I was waiting for my group to leave clinicals for the day I jumped up and said "oh shoot! I forgot his pants!" (everyone laughed at me) and ran back to the pt's room to apologize and handed him a pair of pants before I left.
    When I got home I realized "oh shoot! I forgot his socks!"