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    i just got a call back from pat, she was friendly and helpful, although i have been applying since november they decided to go with recent new grads, too bad i was last summers news. I will keep applying all over.

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    i would love st.B too but its just the information i get is all wrong. In November boby told me i would be a good candidate but they currently had no nurses to train the new grads like me. boby also said i should keep applying and i did. Now after 3 months she calls me and says its been a while since i graduated and should go back for some clinical experience(that can't be done).st.B advertises new grad training, and hiring bonus, that is what got me interested but i have been getting the run around. dont get me wrong she was friendly but i have done all she asked, yet i cant get a straight answer.

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    im new to this but would like to talk to people who also had issues with bobby and pat's voice mail send me and email to
    pat has said they need new nurses and that there is a shortage yet what are we?

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    i live in the IE and bobby told me she could not hire me because i graduated in may of 08 and need to go back to school for refreshment course in acute care. but im a new grad.... i spoke to my clinical instructor and he said they have never heard of this....and it cant be done.