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    I've accepted a position as a WAH RN with Humana and will go for training in Florida in October. Anyone else? I'm really nervous about this and hope I made the right decision!

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    How do you like it? I've accepted an offer for the same position and go for training in October.

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    I also live in Arkansas and my hospital has several RN openings right now, as do most of the hospitals in my area. We have several agency nurses right now because we can't find enough RN's for full-time employment. I graduated with my BSN in May '09 and have been working there ever since. We actually graduated 35 BSN students in my class at a local university and 100% have been employed full-time since graduation. It's a rural area, but it's a new hospital and the staff are great! They don't really differentiate between BSN and ADN graduates. I would consider moving for a year to get the experience. As it's a small hospital, we cross-train to all areas. I've been back and forth between ER, OB, and Med/Surg and have learned so much!

    Good luck to you and I hope things work out.


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    Yes, where are you? If you don't mind living in rural southeast Arkansas, we have several RN positions open at local hospitals.

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    It worked for me! I took the NCLEX RN June 30th and it shut off at 75 questions. I checked the trick out on Pearson Vue and got the pop-up and it wouldn't let me move on the the CC page. I found out 48 hours later that I passed. Yay!

    It shouldn't be used for a definitive answer, but it eased my mind a bit while waiting for results.

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    Sorry, just had to tell someone because I'm so excited. I graduate with my BSN in 8 days!!

    Nursing school has been rough, especially with five small children, but I made it! I took the HESI yesterday and made a 990 and also accepted a job on a specialty surgery/pediatric floor today. I was offered positions on an Oncology floor and also ICU step-down but turned those down. I'm really hoping I made the right decision.

    Now on to the NCLEX!!


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    I will graduate in May with my BSN. I have 5 kids, ages 8, 7, 5, 3, and 2. My husband was in nursing school with me the first semester of our junior year but switched and is now finishing up his BS in Biology/Pre-med. It has been ROUGH and I am so happy I will be finished soon. I have an interview Thursday at the ICU of our local hospital so am hoping that works out because that has always been where I want to work.

    Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who doesn't mind extra kid duty when I'm away at clinicals!