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    Hi Everyone,

    I've recently been admitted to the accelerated BS/MSN Pediatrics Programs at both Columbia and Yale. Though I am truly appreciative of being in this fortunate position, I vascillate daily between which program to attend. Yale has the better reputation (being ranked 1st in Ped's, as superficial as that may sound) and they have been much more responsive to my questions during the admissions process. Columbia, however, is only two years (versus three, at Yale) because we work through the summers, which I perceive as a benefit since I am on the older end of the student age spectrum and would like to return to work ASAP. The other side of that coin is that with summers off at Yale, I believe I'll be able to get some more nursing experience before graduation via externships or jobs. Lastly, I live in New York currently, and will most likely return upon graduation - I'm not sure if Columbia has any advantages in terms of obtaining positions in NYC.

    I'm curious to hear from any Yale GEPN or Columbia ETP students about their experiences with the programs, and if they can provide any insight into merits or disadvantages of their program. I realize that in the end it's a very personal decision as to what school suits you best, but I'm trying to dig up as much information as possible so that I can feel comfortable with my final decision.

    Thanks so much!