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    It's doable, I did it as a tech in the busiest trauma center in Houston...on the night shift. Don't get your LPN, you would be back stepping inevitably. Unless you just want to work in an old folks home. Soak it all in, and pester your cohorts with every question that pops in your head. Keep your eyes open, and just watch things happening around you. I started in a medsurg floor, and cleaned a lot of people's junk, it's what you do. Simply gonna have to get over it, and get used to it. Just remember, it's doable

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    I know exactly how I handled it and do handle it right before it stops immediately. Now diplomacy can go a long way, and these individuals are vital in many ways; just keep that in mind. However, for me, this license pays for my livelihood, and provides means for my daughter to eat; I'm sure this is the case in most instances. As their immediate supervisor (you the RN), you politely take them aside and away from other coworkers or potential distraction. Now what you say is only as important as how you say it to the person listening; eye contact is important. Depending on your angle, a more fluffy version of what I said in the beginning usually works for me. When it fails my demeanor changes a bit as I switch into patient advocate
    mode. Simply telling the ancillary (again alone), or explaining with certainty in your voice, that what they are doing is technically illegal for one, and two potentially harmful in to many ways to even count. I can think of 10 things that can become sentinel simply from improper communication, let alone lying (falsifying legal documents). Nobody should play with your money