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    Intermittently I have been called upon to care for elderly family members which involved frequent visits to nusing homes, hospitals, and hospice care. I always wanted to stay longer and never minded caring for my aged relatives.

    At 56, I am facing a forced return to work due to economic circumstances. My choice is to return to my profession as a laboratory technologist which has become automated and remote from the healing process.

    I have seriously contemplated re-education as an RN because I hope that it will take me closer to the job of healing and helping. Specifically, I have wondered if I would be suitable as a geriatric nurse. Were my feelings and joy of taking care of my elderly relatives based on my history with them or could it be transferred to strangers?

    You have answered my question with your passionate essay in which every word rang true. I am printing out your words and posting them close to my heart.

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    Correction on my previous email. That was an HMA hospital I referred to. Now looking to get out of HMA hosptal and into HCA hospital but imagine it could be from 'frying pan into the fire'. To add another cliche: Money and medicine mix like oil and water. The temporary emulsification makes for good medicine but in the end the separation leaves everyone with a bad taste as the oily fat cats float on top.

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    My experience with an HCA hospital:
    The most unprofessional treatment of staff I have encountered in 35 years of work. And not impressed with the procedures and management in my department. During the orientation period 4 senior managers, brought in to make short presentations, had been in their positions less that 2 months. My impulse was to resign before I got started as this was a sure fire signal something is very wrong with the company.