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    Good luck in your new journey. Lea Regional Medical Center trains the techs in the Operating
    Rooms. I am sure they would be interested to speak to you. Want to relocate to Hobbs?

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    Nice to think some places are trying to keep the pt warm. Our blanket warmer is so low that the blankets on the shelf are just as warm. Management states that anything higher is a fire hazard. The bair hugger is placed from finger tip to finger tip then draped. Keep up the good work

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    How long you been in ltc? Which other fields are you considering? My friend has been in ltc for too many years to be accepted in hospitals and cries about this. If you have the opportunity to leave, it sound like you need a break...bood luck

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    I starting nursing 10 years ago. I worked on telemetry, icu, pacu, med/surg, perioperative and circulator for ambulatory settings. I worked in 3 states and have traveling nurse experience as well. I started working at Lea Regional a couple of months ago. I am so disappointed. It is a small hospital and I thought it would be team oriented and friendly based. Just the opposite is true. I have a two year contract and can not wait to leave. Two other newly relocated employees are counting down their committed days as well. Hope your experience will be better.