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  • Jun 11

    The other day, after about 6 hours of working nonstop, I could feel my blood sugar bottoming out. I was lightheaded, sweaty, and felt like crap. (I'm not diabetic).

    I ran into the kitchen really fast to eat a tablespoon of peanut butter, and the whole thirty seconds I was in there I could still hear people yelling my name.

    I don't know how you are supposed to change a culture like that.

  • Jun 11

    I don't get a break, but I get disciplined if we clock punch "no meal" so what I do is essentially work for 30 minutes for free. It's wrong, and yes, it is illegal, but I know I can't change it and keep my job.

  • Nov 16 '17

    It would completely depend on the patient and the MD, to tell you the truth. If the MD had a good reason, I would probably attempt it, and if it brought the patient relief, may continue it. I have been a nurse for long enough now to know that for me personally, black and white are rare shades in the world of nursing.