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    For FNP 1st year 1st qtr classes were TUE and WED, 8-5p. This qtr, the 2nd, it's the same, TUE and WED, 8-5p. Clinicals start 2nd qtr and u arrange times w/ yer preceptor.

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    I received an acceptance letter for the FNP program on March 23. I live in Los Angeles, so it didn't have far to travel. The letter came in a normal sized envelope, which I assumed meant I did not get in. Thankfully, I was wrong. For some reason, I thought an acceptance letter would come in a larger envelope. So that was a little scary at first. LOL. My deadline is also April 5, but I haven't received a link either yet.

    I am going to have to take the undergraduate physical assessment course over the summer, because the course I took at the University of Miami (BSN program) did not transfer to UCLA. But that is a good course to take again, so it's all good. Also, I already took a few graduate classes at another school. I heard they can transfer 6 units to UCLA. But I have no idea which 2 courses they will choose. I'd rather retake one of the science based courses than a theory based course. But whatever happens I'm really happy I got in. Most of my nursing friends with whom I graduated in 2009 are already nurse practitioners or CRNA's. I am the slow-poke in the group. lol.

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    Mine says:

    To date, no decision has been made on your application. You may want to check the Application Status page to see if the department or program has listed any items that are missing from your file.

    Please note that most decisions on graduate admissions for fall term are made in the months of March and April and therefore you should not anticipate a decision much before that time period.

    In the mean time, I'm hedging my bet and applying to a couple other programs. Just in case. Lol.

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    How do you check the decision status online??

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    I applied to the MSN/FNP option at UCLA. Submitted my application on 1/27. Just checked the mail and haven't received anything yet. Cue the crickets. ::chirp, chirp::

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    Quote from JesLeigh
    Hi everyone. Has anyone bought a laptop yet? I have an apple so I guess I have to buy a Dell instead...bummer. Anyway, I have been looking on the tpc's site and the dell's are way more expensive then buying directly from Dell. I 'm just wondering if you guys have bought one and which one you decided on?
    I, too, have an Apple and plan to just use Parallels to run the software we need for school. I really like the MacBook but, if for some reason Parallels won't work, I'll just pick up a small cheap PC and sell it on eBay when we're done. :-)

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    I also got the "run around" with respect to immunizations and financial aid/scholarships. They only sent out the immunization requirements via email a few weeks ago. Some of these things take months for a series of shots. Same goes with the background check. It takes some time, too. Fortunately, I did my own research here on and started on these things long before the notices were emailed.

    Compared to the nursing program at SUNY @ Binghamton, where I declined a spot to attend UM - the UM program seems poorly organized on an administrative level. Nobody I've spoken with at UM seems to know the answers to the important questions or goes out of their way to be of assistance. Binghamton sends out tons of documentation and all kinds of emails about what is required, housing, scholarships, campus life, etc. And they connect the nursing students with each other via email. If I hadn't already moved here from California to attend UM, I would reconsider.

    But I still have hope that the UM academic/clinical program itself will be all that it claims to be. And I am excited about seeing the facility. It seems really "state-of-the-art." And Miami is pretty cool. I love living right on the ocean.

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    Quote from swimincatz
    ktmc1030 that's great!! congrats!

    hey all university of miami absn students i'm thinking about having some sort of pool party "get together" so all of us can meet before we start the program. i know some of you aren't even in the miami area yet so pm me and let me know what you think and when would be good for you!

    that sounds pretty cool. i agree we should all try to meet before school starts.

    chances are we will all team up together when things get rough to prepare for the tests. i was never a group studier but it sure has helped me with anatomy and physiology. learning from and teaching other classmates helped me get a 4.0 in my pre-reqs. :-)

    we could also meet here in brickell in the future if there is any interest. the place i live, the plaza on brickell, has 2 huge pools, lots of cabanas, two conference rooms, and a mixed use party-type room which i can reserve for us. restaurants are within walking distance as is the metromover and metrorail. since parking in the building is very expensive and street parking not always easy to find - some may want to take advantage of the rail system, carpool, or ride a bike (go bike miami days!).

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    Quote from UMAshtangi
    Hey Benjie!!!

    It's great to see that CA will be represented out here. How long have you been in Miami?

    Has anybody heard that new grad RNs are having trouble finding jobs? I'm reading that on other threads on this greatly concerns me. Perhaps the UM hospitals are good about making sure they hire their new grads? Anybody's input is greatly welcome.
    Funny enough. I have met so many people from So Cal living here in Miami. About 7 people I've met so far even went to the same school I did for my first degree - USC.

    I haven't gotten anything detailing what is required for the background check or immunizations but I spoke with the person at UM who handles that. He said they plan to mail the packets shortly. Best thing is to start getting shots and titers now. If we wait for the packet, it might be too late since it can take some time to get results of the titers or to get the entire series of shots for Hep B.

    I got my shots from a Nurse Practitioner at The Minute Clinic @ CVS in Pinecrest. It was a really nice experience. She spent lots of time with me and I didn't have to wait weeks for an appointment. You just show up when they're open. :-)

    Now I need to find a local doctor to order the titers. I tried just going to a lab and asking for the bloodwork - but it seems a doctor has to ask for such things. :-)

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    Quote from swimincatz
    Benjie~ congrats!! I'm really excited about the program. I currently work in Brickell. So how do you like it down here compared to Cali?
    Thanks, I'm excited, too. Both Southern California and South Florida appeal to me in different ways. One thing's for sure though, I love living by the beach! I miss California but am glad to be in Florida right now since it has been snowing in CA. Although I do enjoy snow skiing. Once I'm an RN I might just keep living in LA and take short assignments in places like Miami, Hawaii, and maybe in places like Sydney, Australia or London (if it is possible for us to get work there). That's one of the many good things about this career. It is possible to travel and make a living while doing it.

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    Hi everyone. I, too, am starting at UM in May. And like AshtangiRN I am also from CA - specifically Los Angeles. I'm living in Brickell because it's close both to UM and Jackson Memorial Hospital (though I have no idea where our clinicals will be held). Since graduating from USC (U of Southern California) about 8 years ago, I worked in the film business in various capacities and also worked as a helicopter pilot for a few years. But I can't say I really have had a career in either field - just a series of jobs.

    At the risk of sounding like a cheesy DeVry commercial - I have to say nursing isn't just another job. It's a career. Nurses are in huge demand, have flexible schedules, can take lots of working vacations, can always find a new way to use their license, and can truly make a difference in people's lives. For more information send me $40,000 and call now!