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    I'd say go with pharmacy school, it seems to fit your interests better and if you're concerned with money in the future, it's hard to argue. It seems like a lot of time and money now but you will probably be happier doing pharmacy work considering your pros/cons that you've listed. I struggled with a similar issue myself (concerning costs and time) and it was hard to make a decision but I feel like you're leaning more towards a career in pharmacy to begin with so you may just have to take the plunge and enjoy the ride.

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    Thank you MNHopeful. It will definitely be a difficult decision but I think I am leaning towards a career in nursing.

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    Thanks Matt,

    I applied to the U of MN master of nursing as well as the bach (on top of applying to vet schools, it gets expensive!)

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    I'm anxiously awaiting news too!! I just found out I was accepted to vet school yesterday so now I'm just waiting to hear if I get an offer for the MN program, I'm sure it will be within the next few days since they said middle of feb!

    Good luck!