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    Originally posted by Miss RNC:
    sorry puzzled but I forgot how long this is... 6 pages. Please email me. I also have ones for BIPOLAR hips and total hip arthoplasty. I would be happy to mail them to you via the snail mail if you like or fax.
    I was reading your reply & I was wondering where you work in you facility. I am working in the preop area & would like to talk to someone who works in a preop area. I have many questions about what this new facility is asking the preop nurse to do. To me it seems alot. The paperwork is overwhelming even though we preregister pt's ahead of time. They don't seem to be concerned with pt safety ... iv jelco's left at the bedside & pulse oximeter not applied after versed administration. JCAHO I believe would not accept either practice.


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    I have accepted a position as team leader for the O.R. , pre & post areas of a ambulatory same day surgery center. I have never worked in this area & need clinical pathways for our routine surgeries: hand surgeries, orthopedic surgeries (lap & open) - shoulders & knees, pain management - epidural injections, eye surgeries - cataracts etc, breast biopsies using the abbi & mib method, d & c, hernia repairs etc. Now we have taken on pediatric cases & are doing T & A's. What i need is clinical pathway for each on how these patients are managed starting from the pre op period to discharge. If anyone has anything - please let me know. Also does anyone know of a good reference manual on how to mange kids pre & post op on same day surgeries - including general information about kids & surgery. Any pamphlet source would also be greatly appreciated. I went on line & found great teaching sources for hand surgery but nothing else. Thanks Denise Rangel