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    Hi to all! I have been an ER nurse for 2 years now and feel it is time to move on to the next chapter of my nursing career. I was hired as a new grad straight into ER so I have no previous nursing experience. I now want to go into trauma nursing.
    I live in South Florida and wanted to know tips on what are the next steps I need to take to pursue my goal. I know there is a TNCC course but want to know if there is any other certification, course, exam I need and/or should take.
    Your help and tips are greatly appreciated!

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    Baptist is like a can't get in ANY way! In all honesty, I've been to their ER twice this year and wasn't at all impressed; actually had an unpleasant experience both times so not sure why they are so picky.
    Moving on...there are two hospitals that I have seen that are currently accepting applications for new grads. One is Bethesda Memorial in Wellington, FL, and the other is Delray Medical Center. You can search their job openings in the career section and they will be listed under nursing. These hospitals are about an hour north of Baptist so its a bit of a drive but I don't think we can be too picky at first. If you live further north, they're even closer. Another option is North Shore Medical. I spoke to the recruiter there during a job fair I went to when I was job searching and she told me to apply because she tries to do what she can for new grads.
    Another tip...don't just apply online. Send your resume with a cover letter along with a copy of your license, any certifications, letter of recommendations, etc. Send a whole packet and address it to the hospital address to the attention of nursing recruitment. You'll be taking an extra step from just online applications like everyone else out there.
    Hope this helps!

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    Ummm...I never made this a big deal. I was taking suggestions. Invasive is someone performing a vaginal exam on me for pre-employment. However, my health is my business PERIOD and is an invasion of my privacy. I agreed to it obviously and I have nothing to hide but like someone did mention, yes I was concerned that if out of the blue something came up that it would risk my job that I need very much because I have been unemployed for a year now.
    So for those that were supportive and understanding and gave their experiences, thank you; everything came back fine and I am in my orientation now. To those that attacked about making a "mountain out of a molehill" or insinuating this was blown out of proportion..."seriously", I hope that's not how you respond to your patient's worries and concerns.

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    apRN, firstly, CONGRATS on your job interview! In regards to how to apply in person...exactly that. Find whats available and then go in person to that hospital. Worst case scenario they tell you to just fill out an online application and you tell them that you did and if they can please forward your resume, cover letter, etc to the nursing recruiter. If they don't then ask for the recruiter's name, then you head on home, get the hospital address, and you mail it directly to their desk.
    Don't be nervous for your interview. A little bit of nerves is good. Mild anxiety helps our thought processes but try to relax. The key to interviewing well is PREPARATION!! Google "nursing interview" and you will find hundreds of links to tips for interviews. There you can find possible questions they will ask as well as possible questions YOU can ask. Remember, as a new grad your biggest weakness if your lack of experience but in that case, you need to let them know that even though you lack experience, you are very motivated, driven, and a fast learner. The second key to interviewing is appearance. Professional attire, neat hair, have a folder organized with all your info, licenses, certifications, notes on what you may be asked or you may ask, etc. Nobody wants to hire a messy, unorganized nurse. And finally, BE POSITIVE! Go in there knowing the worst (nursing school) is over! You got through that then you can get through an interview. In you mind, say you have this job!

    And to all the Congrats...thank you so much! It was truly a blessing and we are all going to be our big break as nurses in due time!! :-)

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    apRN, have you been applying online or are you going in person?

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    They can screen me from top to bottom and obviously if I was a drug user then they need to know. I just worry that if (God forbid) something comes back abnormal (like low plates, low WBC, or anything else that requires much further workup), that I will lose the opportunity because I'm not a "healthy" employee. I'm a new grad and the opportunity I was offered comes around once in a lifetime. As far as i know and feel, I'm healthy...but still, being in the medical field you know that you can easily be surprised sometimes. I just have to wait but still, it rattles my nerves a bit cause you never really know.

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    I wanted to take a few minutes and reach out to those students that are nearing the end of the torture called nursing school . I graduated in July and like most of you have probably already heard, the job market is tough. I live down in South Florida and it is NO JOKE! So I figured, based on the experience I have had, that I wanted to give those students that are about to jump into their leadership/practicum a tidbit of advice...MAKE YOUR CONNECTIONS THERE!!

    Bring out all you got, give it your ultimate best, and get to know everyone you can while you are in that leadership/practicum rotation. That is going to help you out so much more than you know. Here's my story...I am fascinated by the ER. So when leadership came around, I begged my professor to let me do it in the ER. I busted my butt there and really opened myself up to learning everything I could from the staff. There was no task I said no to. I also made sure to bond with them and become part of the crew. I finished school and the job market of course, was horrendous. I sent out literraly over 100 applications in a matter of 2 weeks after I passed boards...everywhere from South Florida to Central Florida. Lord and behold...I got a call from my preceptor last week. He told me there was a position in the ER at night and he wanted me to apply and put him as a reference. He said in his 10 years working he never referred anyone but that I did so well in my practicum and was so driven that he would refer me. I got the job...I am a new grad that just got hired as an ER nurse. So to you my friends that are about to take that final step...make it your own!! Use that as your crutch to get a job when you are done.

    To those of you that have already finished and are looking...don't give up. I did get lucky and blessed with the opportunity I have been given but the day after I got hired I already had 3 other interviews set up that I canceled. I would send out applications day in and day out. I sat in front of my computer like if it was my job to look for a job. I would Google "hospitals in Dade County", then move to "hospitals in Broward County", and so forth and down the list I would go. I would send packets with my cover letter, resume, letters of recommendations, copies of license/certs and mail them to the hospitals and put attn: HR Nursing Recruitment. It worked...sometimes I got calls from those recruiters telling me they really don't have an opening at the moment but that they wanted to take a minute to compliment me on my hard work in finding a job and that they would definitely keep me in mind.

    Don't give up guys! If you have the drive, you'll get what you want.

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    hi to all!! i just wanted to take a few minutes and ask around. i went today for my pre-employment physical. i know that obviously drug testing and titers are drawn. however, when i'm about to be taken to the lab, i am told that i will also have a cbc done. i felt that was really invasive in regards to my health privacy. i think my health, as long as its not a communicable disease issue where my patients are at risk or i am at risk of catching it from my patients, is exactly health.
    at that point, i really had no choice. its the job of my dreams and what am i going to and there goes my employment. however, i did feel slightly violated. what if there is something? what if even though i am young and healthy, they find something very wrong and either a) they decide that someone sick is not someone they want to invest in and i lose the job i didn't even get to start and/or b) now the hospital is aware of my health issues?
    maybe i'm wrong but i just feel that it was unnecessary. what do you all think?

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    Hi Jadu1106...I am going to a job fair on Monday actually. I'm excited about that because they have a specific time slot for new grads. So fingers crossed!
    And hi PediLove2147! I have applied to all specialties, including home health. But even home health is getting picky. A lot of them are requiring all these classes (alzheimers, OSHA, etc.) just to apply and then who knows if after you spend the money on those courses they hire.

    But I haven't given up...I gotta keep trying. I'm going to register for a Critical Care Course for November and I guess just keep trying to make my resume look more inviting in the meantime. I know I'll find something...your suggestions just give me more ideas! Thanks again! :redpinkhe

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    Thank you so much BSN graduate...I will definitely check it out. I've been sending my applications generally but I have already started to mail them in to the Nursing Recruitment dept specifically of some hospitals. Thank you again and good luck with your new job!! Cherish it!!!

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    hi to all...i am writing because i am about wits end with the job searching. i worked so hard in school, i had impeccable grades, i had a great reputation as an excellent, intelligent student with all my professors both in lecture and in clinical. now after i passed my boards i am finding it impossible to find a job.

    i have sent out i don't know how many applications. i send at least 5-10 a day. i currently live in miami but i have sent applications everywhere from miami up to orlando. that's as far as i can really go in regards to relocating. i have sent personal letters with my resume to nursing recruitment at different hospitals. nothing.

    so my question is...does anyone have any suggestions? is anyone aware of hospitals that do hire new grads? i know of some that have the versant program but that would mean i have to wait til january to apply and if i do get accepted, i have to wait til march to work. i cannot afford that right now. i stopped working to go to school full time and can't continue to not work now.

    please send me your suggestions

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    Thanks so much!!! I still wanna see those results but it is definitely relieving to hear!

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    hi everyone! well, i took my nclex yesterday. i've always been a great student, studied my butt off, knew that saunders book from back to front, did i don't know how many kaplan questions....and left there feeling like i guessed on at least half of those questions. that test is difficult! i've had very, very difficult professors who's tests were absurdly difficult and who half the class failed (not me though) and now compared to nclex, those tests were a joke.

    anyways, the point of the thread is to know if there is anyone in florida who has tried to do the pearson trick and it worked. i have read a ton of threads on how it does but a lot of them are in cali. some i don't know where the person is from so i wanted some peace of mind by having someone from florida tell me it worked. it didn't let me re-register so i am a tiiiiiiny bit relieved. much love to all and good luck to those also awaiting their dreaded results. :heartbeat

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    Hi there my fellow nursing students. I am graduating in 3 weeks and needed input on what you think is the best prep material for the NCLEX. My school supplies us with this set of prep materials called ATI but I also want to use something else. An acquaintance of mine suggested Pearsonvue, which she used it and passed on the first try. Any first time passers out there please send me your suggestions, especially those that maybe had hard time with grades in nursing school but then were able to kick that NCLEX in the butt please. Congrats to those that have made it and thanks in advance for the help! :redpinkhe

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    Hi iridius...where did you find the info on the TNCC courses available in Miami? I will be graduating in a month and ER nursing is my passion so I also want the upper hand when it comes to applying. I know they recommend some experience to take the course but I'm confident that I can learn it. I'm already signed up for my ACLS cert in August and then want to do the TNCC after that. Don't think I'll be staying in Miami but still, the more you know hte better.