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    I've been looking into Hondros as a way to get into nursing. I like how they admit classes 4 times per year. I've wanted to get into the nursing field for some time now (personal reasons for it, not financial), but working a fulltime job makes it difficult. As it stands, I probably will not have my fulltime job for much longer. Rather than look at this as a detriment, I aim to treat it as a positive and get my butt into nursing while unemployed.

    Enough about me, how about my question, eh? In looking at the Hondros program, I notice that after the LPN program you can proceed into the RN....If my math is correct, that translates into ~160 credit hours....Pretty stiff for an ADN. Am I looking at it right, or does the LPN take only the relevent classes to completing the ADN? Can one enroll in the ADN program directly without the LPN first? I guess I am confused....

    Any help is appreciated!