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    Wow, that sounds astoundingly bleak! Thanks for the info, looks like I'm searching closer to home after all. (just as well, rent here costs something like 30% of what is does in the Bay area, and the commute is always shorter to boot)

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    I found this via google while actually looking for a nursing program in Portland (my current home) which is a fantastic city (also, I literally live across the street from Linfield).
    But, I have a friend who lives in the Bay area who has been suggesting for MONTHS that I move down to go to school in CA. Her main argument is that CA has a government program that will forgive and/or repay student loans if you work as a nurse for X number of years in the state. It's not the kind of thing I'd expect her to know about, and haven't been able to find any information on such a program on-line.

    Does this ring any bells with anyone?