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    Thanks guys. I'll know by the end of the day if they have enough suspicion to report me to the board. If they don't I can be back to work somewhere else quickly. If they do my agency will drop me as well. I'll look into the drug test although that wont matter. According to my DON I could have been dealing....3 vicodin??? Now I can retire...

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    What kind of lawyer, criminal??

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    I completed one contract at this hospital in California and was a month into my second one with them. I was called to the directors office and told that there were 2 discrepencies with narcotics i handled. One was a vial of fentanyl that i wasted the entire thing(in front of another nurse) but it was a couple of hours after i pulled it. And the other was i accidentally pulled 2 vicodin out of the pyxis under the newborns name instead of the mom. Mom only wanted one. When i tried to return it under mom i saw what i had done. I think i tried to correct it by acting as if i were going to take one for mom so the drawer would open, put the vicodin back and then hit cancel all meds. I have never stolen narcotics but as i try to defend myself i am told that "we have heard it all". So it seems i am guilty until proven inocent. If they do their investigation and still have suspicition they will report me to the board. I don't know what to do. No one has asked me to take a drug test. And because i was familiar with the term "diverting" that seemed to add to their suspicion. My agency has informed me that if it goes to the board they will not work with me. Even without proof. I'm not new to nursing, I know that many nurses divert but I am not one of them. I need some solid advise please. I work labor and delivery and during difficult repairs the residents will often ask us to run and get fentanyl for the pt's comfort during the repair. I am sure thats what this was related to. That i pulled it per request and we didnt end up needing it.

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    I have worked for both of those agencies and had great experiences. I was not happy at all with Flexcare, I had to fight for everything, and they got me into a lousy hospital that didn't need another traveler and ended early. I'm currently with Nightingale, so far so good. I'm still registered with the two you mentioned. I was treated like a princess with ppr. Gift cards and care packages.

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    Now of course, there is the other side.. before the pain management clinic where the ortho wouldnt write me for anything but an antiinflamatory. I was actually in tears from pain and he wouldnt write for a narcotic, and that was after reviewing my xrays. I had to live through another whole week for pain releif. It was a nightmare..I switched orthos immediately!!

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    I have severe pain issues due to being an old broken nurse. My neck and lower back have mild herniations and arthritis. I finally had to go for pain management so that i can work. The place i go to not only makes you sign a contract stating that you will not get pain meds from any other source, but they drug test you prior to giving you your first script. They also let you know that they have the right to do random pill counts and drug tests. They work with you to make sure your pain is controlled, but they know what goes on in the real world. I believe it's an excellent system, protecting both the patient and them. We often hear of doctors getting in trouble for giving out narcotics too freely. With this system they can avoid that.

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    Hi Guys,
    When I originally posted this it was January 2006. I have long since adjusted to the "new" terminology. My real concern at the time was that these docs were willing to ignore it unless fetal distress occurred. It was a small unit and there were many issues. The facility that I work in now is a large teaching hospital and I am happy to say keeps current with the national standards. Thanks for your feedback just the same.

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    My first baby 28 years ago weighed in at 11-4, had a c/s and hated it, 6 years later I had my first of 3 vbac's the largest being 10-7, no rupture and 3 great births. I think it's the doctors driving it, they can schedule it and be home in time for supper. C/sections are more expensive and rupture is rare so i would think the insurance co's would be promoting vbac. The only rupture i have seen was a woman who never had uterine surgery, her uterus looked like it had received a shotgun blast.

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    Quote from putmetosleep
    How does administering pitocin immediately after the baby is removed during a C-section really prevent uterine atony if there is neuromuscular blockade on board? Doesn't the NMBA in itself produce uterine atony?
    Thanks so much.
    First i have to say that i love your user name!
    You bring up something that in about 20 years of ob, i have never given any thought to. I have never seen any problems with atony during a c/s, not to say it doesn't happen, i just havent encountered it. But when they are suturing they have the uterus in their hands and can massage it as well. I'll have to do a search now to see what i can find. I'll be interested to see what others post in reply. Good question though.

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    Quote from Pat_Pat RN
    I concur!!!

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    I went to a professional to revamp my resume, they said less is more and chopped it. They would have cut out all the duties that you listed for each job. You can go to your local employment office and they will do it for free. But yes, I would hire you.

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    Quote from lwd338
    my daughter was working at my hospital as a voluteer for two summers the second summer she had a + ppd and had to take isonizid for MORE than a few weeks, each time she gets tested now it has to be by x-ray. thanks to someone who felt they didnt need the vaccine

    i have been a citizen of this country for 51 years and a nurse for 26 of those years....when did we start giving TB vaccines in this country???? I know i get tested yearly, but nope, no vaccine.

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    Quote from shah

    As a nurse you have an obligation to protect your patient, even from yourself. No one said you could not walk away from your job. You are free!
    " Even though some severe illnesses and deaths from novel H1N1 flu have been reported, most cases have been similar to seasonal flu and have not resulted in severe illness. Most cases have occurred in children and younger adults."
    i copied that off one of the sites that you posted the links to.

    So, how were your shots? And I think i'll continue to work as a nurse, pts tend to like well informed nurses.

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    Quote from shah
    The choice they are giving is to either get a shot or cover your mug. The third option is to walk away from your job. No one is forcing you into any situation. You as a health care professional should know something about how flu spreads. You are a human being first, American second.

    You have no right to become an essential link in the chain of infection during a deadly pandemic.
    Where did you come up with the "deadly pandemic"? " No right to become a link in the chain"??? Since when did we become a police state, without the right to choose?? It's a flu, no better or worse than any other flu. You are aware that NY is the only state mandating it? You don't live any where near NY, so maybe you'll sing a different tune when they come to Texas with this mandatory shot. I live in NY, my friends were in Albany fighting for all of our rights...

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    Quote from nurse2009
    I heard the same physician state the same info on fox news about not taking it or giving it to his children. I have problems to with giving the thirmerisol vaccine to pregnant woman but I was very upset to hear a physician say that because I think he has not kept up with the info coming out daily very frustrating. or maybe he wanted his 15 minutes of fame. .
    There is no evidence that thimerosal (used as a preservative in vaccine packaged in multi-dose vials) is harmful to a pregnant woman or a fetus. However, because some women are concerned about exposure to preservatives during pregnancy, manufacturers will produce preservative-free seasonal and 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccines in single dose syringes for pregnant women and small children. CDC recommends that pregnant women may receive influenza vaccine with or without thimerosal. you can find the answer to any of these question on the cdc website.
    :heartbeatTricia RN:heartbeat Trisha, visit this site and the many others out there, perhaps it is not he, that has not remained current.