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    Hospital based? EMS based? Private or government?

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Wrong. Calling 911 for a teenage OD brings ambulance and FD. Both of which have EMTs, who have already been using Narcan.
    I'm thinking any plan would to administer Narcan while at the same time activating EMS.
    Why defer to EMTs? Why is the discussion so resistant to Narcan? It's not going to hurt the patient, and it may save a life. It's safer to give than insulin.

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    Narcan is used also to RULE OUT opiate overdose - give narcan to see for a response, if so, probably opiate OD. The only side effect is immediate withdrawal.

    Don't defer to the police department! They are law enforcement officers, we are healthcare providers!!

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    Good job on passing the CCRN!

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    Congrats, kimmini, way to go! Thanks for sharing too!

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    Good onya!
    Look forward to following your journey.

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    Avenger - awesome work! Inspiring accomplishments.
    (I also wish I had a job where I could get some school work done )

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    Did you find an answer? Curious what it is too.

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    Prisons pay very well, but as a former CA state worker of 20 years, I'm not sure about the bonuses.

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    As best as I can remember, there was an essay but not a lot of them. The quizzes were not hard. I'm not a very disciplined online student, so if I made it through, it must not be too hard. Good luck!

    As a follow up to the original topic of the thread… things have worked out splendidly with my position. The hospital is great, the orientation was very thorough, and I consider myself very fortunate to be here.

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    Incredible account, thanks for sharing!!!


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    This is very interesting - thanks for sharing.

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    Frankly, you are in a tough position. The market is tight where you are at. My good friend lives in Santa Cruz and is well established there. His wife had to take a job at a skilled care facility. One of my coworkers here in NM had to do the same in farther north California for her first job.

    But I ALWAYS say this: do not simply submit your application to a hospital/facility. You must meet the manager face to face in order to express your interest. Eventually something will come of those meetings.

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    I pulled it off a year ago, and there were other new grads hired with me. The ED manager has since told me, "It's not like there are Certified Emergency Nurses walking in looking for work," and he has to hire new grads. My advice is emphasize that you are an EMT-B; I was surprised at how much value they placed on that in my interview, while I was focusing on other accomplishments I've had. Oh, and make personal contact with the department manager before or when you apply; you need to set yourself apart that way.

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    The job market here, it seems, is like all other places. Be persistent, and make personal contact with the manager before or when you submit your application. I was hired one year ago as a new grad, in critical care, in Albuquerque. And, I wasn't the only one. It can happen. The manager has since said to me, that there's not an abundance of experienced nurses out looking for work; he has to hire new grads.

    Be persistent and you'll get something!

    For what it's worth, one year ago I went to the Emergency Nurses Association annual conference and networked like a sumbitch trying to find a job. Due to the price of admission, it seemed like I was the only new grad there. Many hospital recruiters straight-up told me that they weren't interested in new grads, especially an ADN new grad. However, two states - FLORIDA and TEXAS - were the places that were open to talking to me. I have no desire to ever live in those places so I didn't pursue. But, if you're desperate, look hard at Texas and then Florida (many many people say the working conditions suck in FL however).