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  • Jan 23 '12

    Have you never seen this before?

  • Jan 23 '12

    They have already signed "Consent for treatment" and on a comatose/on verbal patient the consent is implied. Even on comatose patients, I always make sure to talk to them and tell them what I am doing even though I know they cannot verbalize a response. As far as males requiring a female to be ....depending on the activity it is the best practice. Yes stereo types are present in nursing and it is the best way to protect yourself against the crazies. Best of luck!

  • Jan 23 '12

    let me take a stab at these:

    1. Stinky pt = INSTANT bath...

    2. This depends on the scenario-general care there is no problem- some females get iffy about males doing peri care... in that case, hand them the supplies and give them privacy...
    also certain cultures prefer female/female- but that will be made clear to you in report.

    Hope that helps

  • Jan 23 '12

    I once un-spiked a bag of NS in a pressure bag without first releasing the pressure - I got instant, explosive rain that lasted about 20 seconds!!! Fortunately the patient was intubated/sedated. I got a lot of laughs when I left the room looking like I had just taken a fully-clothed shower.

  • Jan 23 '12

    Quote from Perpetual Student
    When switching bags of fluid the new (or old) nurse in a hurry may not remember to invert the old bag before unhooking it.
    D5 1/2NS. Stickiest shower of my life.

  • Jan 23 '12

    Drew routine labs from a PICC that was STILL infusing TPN..

    Got a call from lab with a critical Blood Glucose of 900.

    Learned my lesson, turned off TPN, FLUUUUUSHHHHED the line, re-draw labs...

  • Jan 23 '12

    Your rights are loosely defined by hospital policy. Your manager will manipulate it to either protect you or get rid of you

    Can you share what it is that made someone think you were impaired? Were you required to take a alcohol/drug test?
    Does your facility allow you to file a grievance? That is the forum to face your accusers. Do you feel you are the victim of lateral violence?

    If your facility is not going to allow you to prove your innocence.. it's time to lawyer up!

  • Jan 23 '12

    Hope you are not using your real name as your screen name. You really need the services of an attorney. Recommend the referral service of TAANA: