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    hey hey- I live and work in Brooklyn and one of my co-workers lives in Inwood and loves it and it is definitely a little cheaper- the only thing is that at least right now and for the past few months they are working on trains and you have to take a shuttle bus on weekends to get from Inwood to 168th (it's not every weekend but it is happening). Still I am open to looking at Inwood. Also my co-worker is a psych NP and graduated from Columbia two years ago and she worked throughout the Master's portion- it is totally possible to do.

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    so I have been trolling craigslist and there are so many great housing options- once we have all committed we should get an email chain going about housing- compare notes on what we want- check out this one I found today!

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    oh nice- I didn't really get to meet too many people at the Yale interview. I am in Bed/Stuy area and I work in Williamsburg- I love Brooklyn and am contemplating a way to live here on the A/C and be at Columbia! We definitely all need to hang out- I'd alos love to chat with you about Columbia vs. Yale (not that we have the Yale decisions yet) but still... we have so little time to make a concrete decision!

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    hey everyone just wanted to ease some fears- I got rejected from BC last week but accepted at Columbia University this week so even if you aren't getting the results you want at first hold on- these acceptances are so hard to predict!

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    hey everyone- I am new to the forum and am ecstatic to say I got an acceptance from Columbia yesterday for the Adult NP track (after a near heart-attack from Judy's emails!) I currently live in Brooklyn and would be more than happy to answer questions about New York (I've been here for about 4 years) and if any of you are coming in a day early or staying the night after visiting day I'd love to all meet up at a bar and hang-out and get to know my potential classmates (still waiting to hear from Yale).

    Anyway I just wanted to say "congrats" to everyone and I look forward to reading/hearing more from all of you.