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    I've had a couple doozies for interviews, on one the first question the nurse manager asked me was "how would you handle advances from young cute nurses aides seeing that you are a very attractive young single heterosexual male?" My answer?, "whoa lady, what kind of question is that?", she replies "well, it's a legitimate concern I have if I hire you", the interview went downhill from there.

    Another interview I went to had the nurse manager and 2 dayshift charge nurses present, one of the charge nurses looks at his interview sheet, looks up at me and says "I hope you brought your helemt, because this is going to be a wild ride!" Of course this was after I did their online personality assesment to determine what my interview questions were going to be.....

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    Plattsburgh NY? Isn't that in Canada eh? If you get a couple more posts in to make 15 (the minimum for messaging) send me a PM......

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    Quote from EMTRN6785
    Having more people with blue lights will just raise the chances of someone getting into an accident and injuring/killing someone else. It's not a good idea. I understand where you are coming from but it the risks out-weight the possible benefits.

    Exactly!!!!, and the reason why I never use my bluelight anymore, if you want one, let me know, I'll give you a heck of a deal......

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    Quick bit of advice I've found out is to contact the nurse recruiter at the facilities you're interested in applying at. They'll give you inside scoop on what's open and what the facility would like to see you apply for based on your background. It saves filling out endless online applications only to get a form email that says "thanks but we aren't looking for someone like you right now". Best of luck with the job search, I know how hard and frustrating it can be!

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    Good point morte, if the obstruction is distal I suppose the only way to deflate the baloon would be to drain it while it's still in place because as you said by cutting it still would not be able to drain by gravity. Just to clarify I didn't mean cut the entire catheter, just the baloon inflation port, that way the rest of the catheter still remains intact allowing urinary drainage even if the baloon doesn't inflate. In any case I would consult the MD before doing anything including inserting a stylet or cutting anything. Anybody else have any ideas/thoughts?

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    Quote from Agnus
    Since we are on the subject. I have a clinincal question.
    Yesterday a nurse told me she tried to remove a foley from a male patient. He happened to have a metal implant. She could not get the baloon to deflate. When she drew back with the syringe the sides of the cath just collasped.
    She asked a male collegue to help. He threaded a stylet from a dobhoff up the baloon port and broke the baloon. (Personally I would have cut the end of the ballon port and allowed the water to drain by gravity. To me his actions were dangerous, outside of the standard of practice, outside the scope of nursing.)
    Anyway does anyone have an idea why the nurse could not get it to empty with the syringe?
    I'm curious also, was it a seed implant used to treat prostate ca?, or a different implant maybe used for tx of peyronie's or ed? I'm pretty sure that using the stylet isn't a good idea, risk of injuring the bladder, risk of infection, the list goes on, I was taught and have read in several texts that if the baloon can't be deflated with the syringe to cut the catheter and let the baloon deflate by gravity......

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    Is UCH a teaching hospital? I know it's right across the street from USF?

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    All I have to say is WOW!!!!!

    To the OP: Thanks for letting me know there are people like you out there, I guess it opened my eyes a little to the prejudice some people have against male nurses, but I would have never expected it from a fellow "nurse".

    Again, WOW!!!!!!

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    I think I set a record, I did the online app on the 8th of September, mailed my fingerprint cards and med error certificate to Florida and sent my license verification to NYS office of Professions the same day. I checked the Florida Healthcare Practioners website this morning (Sept 21st) in the link that they send you to check the status of your app and low and behold I now have a Florida RN license. Total of 14 days

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    My simple advice, get out now while the getting is good. Do all that you can right now to improve your situation/status on the unit you're working so you have a good reference for the next job and move on. Once you get a new position at a different facility look back on what you had problems with at your current job, learn from them and don't let them happen again, strive to be the best and always do your best. My point of view is this: if they have it out for you there is nothing you can do, if you stay you will always be on the outside looking in, this will create alot of stress not only for you, but your co-workers and the unit overall, and it isn't worth it. Move on before it gets worse and you end up getting fired or quit leaving you with a poor work history........

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    Quote from Dontitochavez
    Basically the EMT recert process is a pain in the ass and I'm wondering if I should even bother. Any thoughts? Thanks.
    I would never let my EMT cert lapse, of course I've had it for quite awhile. Where are you? I know some places let you do a CME based recert program like here in NY, I got to use quite a few hours from my nursing cirriculum towards my EMT recert. Like a couple previous posters said, it looks good on a resume and some jurisdictions let you challenge the Paramedic with your RN license and EMT certification, so I would say yes, it's deffinately worth hanging on to

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    Quote from MedSurgeMess
    I find it odd that these facilities are only now acknowledging that there aren't many jobs for new RNs. The nursing schools in my area are still touting that there is such a shortage in our area, yet most facilities are on a hiring freeze indefinitely, and those few listings there are want 2 or more yrs experience. We've all been seeing this for almost a year now, and the media is just catching on-JEEZ
    AMEN!!!!! I agree that it's taken the media quite some time to catch on. Like another poster said though, if it starts coming out more in the media about the present situation, nursing school enrolement will decline and the future impact will be an even greater shortage. Kind of a vicious cycle if you ask me, you'd think the government would do something to correct it instead of bringing in foreign nurses....

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    You're welcome grace, so far I've put in four applications and have been contacted back by all four, I'm just waiting for the Florida licsence now to schedule interviews. As far as other people having a hard time I don't think they are looking in the right places, many of the hospitals I've applied to have numerous open positions and all have some kind of either new grad or extended orientations. Don't let a few posters scare you from your dreams, I've found that the posts here represent a very small cross section of the larger nursing population, and some just come here to vent, I'm not sure what the cause is, but like I said, don't listen to the naysayers....

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    Hi there, I'm in the process of endorsing my Licsence to Florida also, from a quick look at it doesn't appear that PA is a nursys affiliated state, so you'll need to send the license verification request sheet & fee to your state board to have your licsence verified to Florida. As far as the med error course, the Florida BON site , recomends there are several options for the course there, I took the one from for $15 online. Also take a look in the Florida forum here, I think there is a sticky about licensing in Florida & CE stuff.

    Hope this helps, do you have any leads on jobs in Florida?, I've found alot more than there are here in NY. Best of luck to you....

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    Just as long as she didn't call 911 at 0300 for it, been there done that a few times at varrying hours of the early morning. I'm not the most congenial person when someone breaks their toe at 1500 and calls 911 at some god forsaken hour, especially when they say that they called the ER and the staff told them to come in, and when they say they don't have a ride the ER staff tells them to call EMS.....