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  • Dec 17 '10

    Poop doesn't bother me, never has. If you really want into this career, you get used to it. You also find out that poop is small potatoes. Try a necrotic foot with gaseous gangren. Now THAT will make your stomach turn. Or a patient in DIC who is bleeding out of every orfice and you are pouring blood products into him, knowing he's dying before your eyes. Looking in his eyes and knowing that he knows it too. You'll get used to poop. Trust me. It's other things that will haunt you. And those haunting moments will (hopefully) make you a better nurse and give you a new appreciation for life.

  • Oct 11 '10

    Quote from HyperSaurus, SN
    This is getting off-topic and a bit judgemental. Can we get back to the topic at hand--annoying classmates? Thanks!
    As a big busted gal myself, I've got to defend him. It's distracting when classmates dress unprofessionally and inappropriately. There's no excuse to be wearing to class low cut tops that are solely designed to get men to look at your breasts. In the classroom/clinical setting, why would anyone want to do that? There's a time and place to seek attention, that's not it.

  • Oct 11 '10

    Quote from Tyler77
    Haband, Marshall's, even Wal-Mart carry clothes that are not low cut for plus size women. No, I'm not saying you have to show up to class in a turtleneck in the middle of a heatwave, but there ARE clothes out there that aren't revealing.
    This is getting off-topic and a bit judgemental. Can we get back to the topic at hand--annoying classmates? Thanks!

  • Oct 11 '10

    Wow, interesting debate-almost makes me glad we have to wear scrubs at my school every day, so we all look like crap and there's no cleavage anywhere.

  • Oct 11 '10

    To the young lady with the very large bust (I never thought I would say this)...Please try to cover the 'girls' when you come to class, I am here to learn. And by the way, whatever that undergarment? is that shows by 2" under your blouse and still doesn't cover you much makes you look like a hooker, not a nurse.
    I am all male, but class is not a club.

  • Oct 8 '10

    Hi, I'm new to the nursing forum ... saw your post. It's been a while, so you may already have clarified your problem.

    Basically, sinus tracts & tunneling is the same thing, just different terms. Undermining is a wider area of wounding that lies beneath the wound opening. Think of undermining like this: the wound is larger than the "hole" or entrance of the wound. Tunneling is like a cave, undermining is like a cavern or cavity.

    Hope I've helped. Have a great day.

  • Sep 29 '10

    Quote from Morgan0429
    This is probably going to get me in trouble with the moms out there...BUT......
    I understand that parents have a lot on their plate on top of NS. They have to go home and take care of their children AND do homework. But please realize that when you are saying " I have kids and you don't so that makes my life more complicated than yours AND I'm going through NS"...that just because I don't have children (yet that I don't have a stressful life and other things on my plate just like everyone else! It upsets me that some parents think that they can/should get a pass on things because of the fact.

    I know this might upset the parents, but I just had to toss it out there

    I am a mom to 4 kids and I completely agree with you. Everyone has different trials and tribulations going on in their life that can make it stressful. My sister has one kid the same age as my youngest, doesn't work and doesn't go to school and she is always talking about how hard and stressful life is and how she doesn't ever have time for this or that. I don't get it because I am so completely different. She doesn't like going out to run errands if she has her kid without dad coming along, me I load up the 4 kids and dog and drive across country on a road trip by myself. Girl in my class has NINE kids. (crazy LOL) I really don't know how she does it. 2 of them are a year apart, new born and 1 year old.

    Anyway, there are more stressful things to life than just having kids. I personally would rather have the kids and not work during our program, than to go work, or have kids and work.

  • Sep 29 '10

    Quote from ~Mi Vida Loca~
    One of my favorite threads is the how much reading per week thread. Someone says it's tough cause they have like 50 pages to read for the week, someone else is like, pfft 50 we read 100, someone else is like pfft 100 we read 300, than 500 next will be 5,000. LOL
    Pfffft, we have to WRITE our textbooks before we read them.

  • Sep 29 '10

    Man, what schools do you guys go to? The posts sound so negative!

  • Sep 29 '10

    To my fellow nursing students:

    Hang in there!! I know it's rough, but you're more resilient than you give yourself credit for.

    I'm here if you need me.

  • Sep 29 '10

    lol, while i only read some of these posts and agree with some of the information. Right now the only thing i have to say is dont be afraid to ask questions, or rather ask yourself WHY, always ask why! because there you will NEVER know it all in nursing there is far to much to know and you will always be learning. For you students who like to talk in post conference and class, dragging on the class! please just stop this! we hate it! we want the info we need to be successful, not your stories, and we want the time managed well! not dragged on for your sake! As for the older people, the moms with children, those of you who have so many responsibilities, I look up to you so much! because i know you are working that much harder! keep it up! One last thing, if your in this job for the money! and you cant stand the site of certain things! GET OUT NOW! the pt.s dont want you here, I dont want you here, and you wont be happy here! thank you and good luck to all! keep up the good work!

  • Jul 29 '10

    To the nursing assistants that I work with:

    Thank you guys so much. At first, I didn't really like you guys: you seemed mean, callous, and like you didn't care about me when I was struggling and behind with my residents. The fact was, though, our job & nursing in general is extremely stressful and there seems to never be enough time to do everything. By taking me on, and working with me, you guys were put under even more stress. Your actions and words helped toughen me up.

    Now that I can keep up and have proven that I am a hard worker, you guys slowly opened up and trained me and offered me advice. Helped me out when I needed it. I could not be where I am at without the 2nd floor team. I have seen what amazing & caring people you are, how you truely care for the residents, and it has inspired me. Thanks for giving me "tough love" but at the end of the day also being my friend and comiserating with me when times are bad and rejoicing when they are good.

    Love you guys and I will always have respecting for Nursing Assistants and the exhausting work we do. I will never forget you when I am an RN and promise to show you the respect you deserve and not treat you like mules

  • Jul 28 '10

    Quote from mammac5
    Now that we're in Big Boy and Big Girl school, do you think you could part with your cartoon-printed lunch box? It makes people at the hospital laugh at us when we go to clinicals.
    lol...If I could ever remember my lunch, I'd totally bring it in a Batman-themed lunch bag. Funny--I hate cartooned scrubs, but I'm ok with cartoon lunchboxes. Maybe it's because I never got one as a kid

    Don't complain about being tired for our 8 am lecture when you were just bragging about being out on the 'party bus' last night.

  • Jul 24 '10

    Hell yes if it means I could actually find a job!

  • Jul 21 '10

    Quote from CoffeemateCNA
    STOP texting me and asking me if test grades have been posted online yet. I don't know, and if I did I wouldn't tell you anyway. If you are so concerned about knowing it, then:

    1) Pay attention the first time since we already went over the tests in class and learned our grades then. It doesn't take much effort!

    2) Log onto the Internet and find out for YOURSELF if grades have been posted. You're not helpless!
    You must get annoyed easily because this is not that bad. I call friends to ask if grades are posted but not because I am lazy and don't want to get online, but because I don't have internet access everywhere I go. it's not like I ask people " oh what did you get" ?I don't even care what people get.