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    Hi. Please help me with this survey. Our group needed the data for a research work. thank you very much. It would only take 1 or less for the survey.

    thank you

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    Teaching and Learning together jointly perform teaching and learning activities, the outcome of which leads to mutually desired behavioral changes. The vital role of educator is to choose from various teaching methodologies available which include Traditional, Activity-Based, and Computer-Based teaching methodology.

    According to Dunn (1995) no single instructional method works for all students. Thus, educators should introduce a variety of teaching strategies that they will be able to accommodate different learning styles. Different strategies yields different outcomes, deciding which teaching method to use, given the wide assortment available is not easy.

    A study conducted by Arellano and his colleagues in 2010, sought to examine the test scores in the three methodologies of teaching the Anatomy and Physiology of the Central Nervous System and its relationship to the Final Course Grade of the 42 nursing students in a local university in Pasig City.

    In this study, the results obtained in the evaluation test given after the experimental teaching show that majority of the respondents under the Traditional and Computer Based teaching methodology scored excellent while in Activity-Based teaching methodology group scored only above average.

    Results revealed that the Traditional Methodology being the widely used teaching methodology is considered an effective method in teaching various topics. Moreover, Computer assisted instruction generally encourages student learning thereby increasing test performance at a rate greater than for those without access to such technology. Lastly, in Activity-Based the goal of the learners is focused primarily on winning the game which becomes their top priority and learning as a second consideration.

    Whatever the method chosen, it will usually be more effective if it is used in conjunction with other techniques and tools to enhance learning. By using a variety of strategies, the educator can enhance the advantages of all of the techniques. Traditional methodology seems valuable and should be retained, but it should be used skillfully and supplemented with other teaching methodologies for more effective teaching. Activity-Based Teaching Methodology can be placed anywhere in the sequence of a learning activity, making sure that it should be exciting and challenging enough to stimulate leaner interest but not as difficult or competitive as to result in frustration and inability to succeed.

    Finally, Computer-Based Teaching methodology since it adds variety to learning experience, the widespread availability of graphics software make it easy to enhance presentation, but should follow some general guidelines and should consider the learners for their literacy level.

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    oh my gosh. she's such a good teacher for all of us. her posts are really interesting and informative. she'll always be remembered here in allnurses.

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    what if you are not sure whether that is really the vein because you can't see it clearly? how will you know that what you palpate is the vein?

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    thank you. i will do my best in this care plan

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    the fetus is 39 wks AOG, mother's first baby. baby is normal. the mother is 80 kg, 5 ft. i just checked her chart and see that it is ecclampsia. they already administer MgSO4 . she has an apresoline IV, and that helps normalize her BP. her BP (if w/o meds) is 190/120

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    ah. i thought obesity is somewhat related to the high blood pressure. thank you very much,.

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    hello. my question is somewhat related to the post:
    what if the client had seizures because of her hypertension so the doctors did an emergency C/S, the client has history of hypertension, she is fat. can i put something related to pre eclampsia in my diagnosis?

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    what happened to the air inside the circulation? (if the amount of air is less than 5cc) where will the air go?

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    for the nth time, miss Daytonite, thank you. you really are a big help.
    "outcome is always going to be the best rational response." - i'll keep that in mind. but when answering an exam, and you are undecided between two choices.. what is the best thing to do?

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    thank you.. you're a big help/

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    would you mind sharing the websites/resources for enhancing critical thinking ? :d please

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    i also don't know how to enhance my critical skills. i want to do good in my exams.

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    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica]NEED help for paperwork and pathophysiology.

    Hello there nurses and future nurses
    i would like to ask for help regarding my health teaching strategy class. oh please heed my cry. i need someone to check our(me and my groupmates) paper/report about the health teaching we did. the basics like introductions, significance, etc. you don't have to thoroughly EDIT it, it is just like you're going to give comments if this one is vague, that paragraph is inappropriate, this sentence doesn't answer the question, and so on..
    i know that this problem is very simple but i am no genius. i am not confident about what did(i edit the group's work :'() so i am asking for others' opinion about the paperwork. please please please HELP me. i know almost all members of this community is busy but please. lovelots and always smile
    take care everyone )


    ps: can you please check the pathophysiology that i made? it's about Sickle cell anemia and Hydrocephalus for my pediatrics class.
    pps: i hope im not breaking any law in posting this one.

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    hi guys! a warm welcome to myself

    new kid on this community! nice to meet you people of the world! i am currently a 2nd year nursing student and nursing is somewhat a challenge to fight the urge of banging your head on the wall.

    i hope that this community can help me be a better student and be a best nurse in the future. :chuckle
    to be honest i don't know how to post my questions regarding some nursing stuff to the community =_= i haven't figure it out yet. but hopefully before dawn comes i can post it. help to speed up my enlightenment on how to post is very much appreciated. haha.

    ok! kudos to all! take care guise!