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    Hi everybody. I will be graduating in May. And looking at the job opportunities in Charlotte NC, there are very few
    options for jobs. I want to ask everybody if they know clinics/outpatient facilities that do more than the regular
    office visits? Perhaps procedures that a new graduate will be able to learn and handle (i.e. IV therapy)? Just so that I will not forget my skills. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you ErinJane. I appreciate it.

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    Hello everybody. This is my first post. I am asking for your help on how to manage my time
    during clinicals. What is a "typical" day on a med/surg or step down icu floor? I know that there is
    no set or order of the tasks, but please I need help in what happens in the floor. We will be going
    to our clinical site cold turkey. We'll be assigned with clients the day of the clinical. Please please give schedule samples of how you go about your day and what tools in noting down your assessments you use. I am just really worried. Thank you so much for the input.