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    That's awesome. Gongrats! I'm not sure of anyone with a room to rent, but if i see any postings at school or anything, I'll let you know!

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    I am an NSC student. I also applied to the Fall 2009 Accelerated program. The wait was awful, but i finally got my acceptance letter today. I hope you did as well. Also, They are only accepting 32 people into each of their nursing programs for the 2009 programs.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions

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    I took the Teas earlier this month, and it really isn't that difficult, so don't get too worried about it. It tests essential academic skills. So these are basic concepts you should have already learned. I recommend taking the practice test on-line since it is exactly like the real test. Most people have difficulty during the math portion of the test. They don't pay attention to the clock and run out of time. I hope this helps