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    hello everyone,

    it's my first time in this forum, which i must say is very interactive.
    i'm a first year student nurse in france having difficulties with dosage calculations. my calculations book confuses me and we don't have a dosage calculations class.
    so if anyone could help me solve these problems i'd be grateful.

    exercise 1

    order: 120mg of gentamicin im
    supply: ampoules of 10mg, 40mg, 80mg of 2ml each
    choose the ampoules to be used and the volume in ml to be injected

    i answered as follows:

    volume to inject choosing the more concentrated solution: 120mg x 2ml /80mg= 3ml,
    now i will be short 1ml since there is 2ml by ampoule
    so i'll adjust by adding 1ml from the 10mg/2ml solution

    exercise 2

    order: zofran 6mg in 20 minutes with 100ml of 0.9%nacl
    supply: 8mg/4ml
    what's the volume to be injected?
    calculate the flow rate in gouttes/min and in ml/h

    volume to inject: 6mg x 4ml/8mg = 3ml
    flow rate in ml/h= total ml/total hours, here the total hours is 1/3(20minutes), so 100ml/1/3h = 300ml/h
    flow rate in gttes/min= v ml/ t min x c (gttes/ml), here the gttes/ml will be 20, so 300ml/60min x 20gttes/ml = 100gttes/min

    am i doing it right