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    I to live in NH have i have my LNA

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    hi everyone,

    wondering if they prepare you how to interact with patients who are recently diagnosed with cancer, or are having an extra hard time? i had a women come into my office and just say like any other thing ''well today i was told i have cancer, how exciting" with a smile but of course she was being sarcastic, but how does everyone out there react to things like that?

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    i don’t think it is at all like a black or white nurse(well maybe for some it is). but i have requested a female nurse because of what i was there for, i get some people are just ridiculous and if they wanted a female over male or the other way around for something simple like a suture, is not right especially if the male or female nurse is very professional, some male that i work with id much rather have over some of the women nurses, but in some cases i can totally see why, sorry but i just wouldn’t feel comfortable even with the most professional male nurse treating me for something like ovarian cysts!

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    ''among those gay males tested during a study found that 44% of those who tested positive did not know their status.

    these are facts.''

    ok so what about the rest ? i get it they may be higher risk,but then we need to add to the list drug users,prostities ,ask how many partners someone has? really so a women who has had 15 partners or a gay man who has had 3,who would you choose? some straight men and women have multiple partners,unprotected, so thats ok though? or someone was an addict for 5 years and thats ok? i get the 'facts' but ok what are the facts for all the other high risk behaviors?

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    first off hope you got the job!

    but only thing that worries is they have a tech inserting & D/C foleys? that doesnt sound right to me? id double check on that one?when i was a tech that was so not allowed and only some could to IVs if they had a EMT-I cert,id check your states laws on what a CNA can and cant do in a hospital setting...

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    LTC 2ND SHIFT 11.75

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    :spin:I to have my LNA and im glad you got a job,but to everyone else out there,if you want to work in a hospital they want you to have SOME kind of exp. no matter where it is from,truth is i dont think any hospital right now would look at and LNA right out of school with no exp,take what you can get,do well,and start applying for jobs after 6 months that way you have some exp,also take extra classes if you can,take a blod draw course if you want to it makes you more marketable than other LNAs,and personally i wouldnt work in home care right away,working with other LNAs helps you grow,i learned alot working in LTC and glad i did it first

    hope that helps!

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    no that is great thank you can i ask where you live? did you start out on med surge first?

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    im looking at a few different nursing specialties that interest me, cardiac being one of them, i just want to know what your day is like? what other courses did you need to take i school? advice?


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    a few they will probably ask...

    1. why do you want to be an lna?
    2. how would you handle a hard situation?
    3. were do you see yourself in the future?
    4. best/worst qualities?

    if your passionate for helping others id make that very clear,espically since you haven’t had any experince,they want to hear you have passion,and a willingness to learn

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    i could really use some advice.

    so here is my story. i got my lna then got a job at a nursing home, worked there for a while then i started working at a hospital in an admitting position, thinking it would be a good way to get my foot in the door at a hospital, there was no lna positions open at the time. so after about a year an ed tech job opened up and i applied for it and got the job. i really thought i wanted to be an er nurse.i like constatnt change and i just find it very interesting. after working for 3 months, i don't think the ed is right for me, so i went back to admitting. this scares me because i really thought that was the route i wanted to take, am i not good enough? will i make a good nurse? am i smart enough? all these things now go though my head. in the ed i just felt overwhelmed, i don't know if it was my lack of experince, the nursing staff not being patient enough, or what it was. i can not see myself working on a med-surge floor i just don't see myself doing so, what other options do i have, if i couldn't work in the er and couldn't see myself on a med-surge floor? am i doomed and should just look at other careers?

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    where did you end up working?

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    id try online i went to walmart and found some are more expensive

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    so i am starting at northern essex in jan and i am very excited im starting with my pre-reqs but i have heard unless you are a ma resident you prob wont get into the program for rns, has anyone had this experience?

    anyone go there and like/dislike it?