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    I have been enrolled in different nursing schools (three, to be exact) at different times in my life, and in different countries. Each time I left due to, "allowing life to get in the way." (It happens!) Academically and clinically, I was doing very well.

    It broke my heart. (enough said!)

    I am now enrolled in an LVN programme and will graduate in August. I have also consistently been on the "High Academic Honours list." From there, I will pursue my BSN.

    BTW, I will be fifty-two years old when I graduate in August. (but don't tell anyone, LOL!)
    You CAN do it, if you want it enough.

    This forum has been sooo beneficial to me. I will use Suzanne's plan for the Nclex, and I bow to the expertise, experience, and plain old common sense, that is Daytonite.

    Again, you CAN do it - go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree with hethbearpoo; I passed the exam to go for RN, but due to transatlantic, scholastic impediments, I am now an (older) LVN student, due to finish in August 2009. From there, I want to pursue my BSN online, while I work as an LVN. It CAN be done! Don't ever give up, if this is what you want!