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    On the first test we have for Dosage Calc. and Medical Terminology were there a lot of word problems (like outlined in our text book) or just fill in the blank? If u can remember please let me know...

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    well shswimchik I guess I will see u in clsss. Hope we do well on the first two tests! I am excited to start and find out more about all of the classes.

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    Yeah orientation was a lot of information! Two tests on May 4th thats not a long time to study at all and I still have to go to work all next week- talk about stress before the program even starts. lol

    Misswhitney- do you have any feedback for us on that first dosage calc and medical term test??

    Is anyone registered for Section 3 clinicals at memorial??

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    I ordered my scrubs and stuff from Meridy's online on Monday. How long does it take for them to ship your order to you?

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    Im good for meetinig up after orientation because I work on Saturdays. Just hopefully we will be able to find everybody..

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    I am allergic to the pertussis, but they gave me one shot with Tetanus and Diptheria.

    :tinkbll: Happy Easter !!

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    That is good news about the physical. Does anybody know when we find out what our schedules will look like?

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    I have already had my PPD and physical/titers done which was on April 1st. You can not have another PPD done until a month later. I verified that with my doctor.

    I wish the nursing office would get all of this info cleared up because it is causing a lot of unneccessary confusion. They should have read over the instructions and listed due dates before sending the papers out...

    Also, does anyone know when we will find out what our schedules will be like- is that at orientation?

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    I am going to the campus today to pick up the drug screening form... I hope they are there... :spin:

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    I went to worksource and I definately recommend going there! First call the phone number ( they are listed in our packet) and they will explain what they cover, if you qualify:: tuition, books, and now 5 dollars a day in gas if you live more than 5 miles away from the campus).

    The first day you have to take an aptitude test that lasts about 1.5 hours. Then you schedule the Florida Ready To Work test, which takes about 3 hours. This is all just to see if you are prepared to work in the program.

    Then you have to schedule another appointment where you hand in all of your financial and personal info so they can determine how much you qualify to receive. It seems like a long process, but definately worth it. I need all of the financial help I can get.

    The FAFSA form for the 1st term (summer term) is considered 08-09.

    The fall is considered 09-10.

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    Does eanyone know about the where you have to get your background check? I completed the registration for it and paid. But the confirmation page gives me a password and when you enter the password on the sign on page, it just says thank you for submitting your reqest, your order is being processed. And nothing ever happens.

    Part B on our forms just say to print the confirmation page. Is this all we need?

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    If ANY one can help me clarify this I would REALLY appreciate it.

    I have to take out student loans to live off of while I am in the classes. I have been to the financial aid office and they are giving me the run around. I have a 2 year old son and I will not be able to work full time and complete the program at the same time. I get FAFSA to cover my classes but not books or living expenses.

    FCCJ only supports 3 lenders which include Bank of America, Suntrust and some other bank. I called Bank of America and they said they only lend federal loans that support tuition and school. So what do I do about living expenses? I need a student loan so that repayment does not start until 6 months after the program ends.

    Would I be able to contact a different lender that FCCJ does not "support". I hope I have enough time to get all of this completed. I am already stressing out (*teardrop)

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    I also called the number and had to leave a message. I hope they get it! :wink2:

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    Do we have to wear uniforms to class everyday or just to clinicals? In the letter it says something about polos and kahki pants and white uniforms?

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    I got accepted to days!! I had 191 points