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    I'm taking nutrition online this semester also. So far, it's pretty easy. I'll be taking psych & developmental psych starting in March as well. Good luck!!!

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    Yea, I'm ready to kick my job in the nuts! LOL. I'm kidding... I, too, am fortunate to have my job in this economy... so I'm holding onto it as long as I can until I go to school FT to finish my pre-reqs. My job isn't awful, I'm just ready to move on and increase my skills... I'm waiting for nursing school to begin, and I'm really excited (even though I probably won't start next summer).

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    I have a question. Knowing the amount of competitive applicants out there, do you think there's the slightest chance of acceptance into an A-BSN/MSN program with an undergraduate GPA of 3.024 in a non-healthcare degree? I know it closely makes the cut off.

    I feel like it's a far stretch for me to get in anywhere, but I'm pushing for all As in my pre-reqs. Feel free to tell me your honest opinions.

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    I agree. Program brochures/artices sure make it seem like a quick process, LOL. Taking pre-reqs and waiting to hear for acceptances--it's all a long process. Then finally, once we start (for accelerated students) it's going be super fast-paced!

    We just need to keep our eyes on the prize.

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    Hey, I'm also doing the same mainly because my undergrad GPA isn't as competitive as most of the ones I've seen listed in this forum. I'm aiming for all As in my prereqs though.. I intend to finish most of them this fall to begin a program next year.

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    I am in the same boat!

    I start my pre-reqs at a local community college mid-Feb. I agree, let's relax before school starts. Once it does, it's going to be all about the books!!! I'm taking Psych, Developmental Psych, & Nutrition for this coming spring semester (I work FT). In the summer, I'm planning on A&P w/ lab, then chem & micro w/ labs in the fall. I also think I'll be needing Sociology (since some schools won't take my Intro to Cultural Anthro class), but I might take it online somewhere.

    Good luck to you!