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    "I was accepted in the traditional BSN program which began in the Spring of 2008. Around 80 students were accepted and the cut-off for the program was a 3.59. As long as you put your time to great use and be very diligent about being on top of your studies and clinicals, it can be a great experience. I'm in my 4th semester and now we only have 53 still left. Once you are in the program just don't lose sight of the goal or big picture. Only the first two semesters have classes designed to weed out the weak. The first one will be pathophysiology and the second semester will be foundations. After that, it will be just building on what you already know. My advice is if you have applied twice and still no acceptance, I would redirect my focus on a more attainable profession."

    I found the last sentence of this statement very rude. I was not going to reply, but did not want someone else to come across this thread and be discouraged by your above post. I would never tell some one who's dream was to be a nurse to redirect their focus to a "more attainable" profession. I went back and looked through the threads and tried to figure out for sure if your post was directed at me and it seems to be. I did apply to the 2nd degree program here at ETSU and was turned down. At the SAME time that I applied to ETSU and was turned down, I was ACCEPTED immediately at Duke University for their accelerated 2nd degree, UNC-Chapel Hill 2nd Degree Accelerated, and UT-Memphis Direct Entry MSN. I am currently working on my BSN through the traditional program at ETSU only because my husband is currently a 1st year medical student at Quillen and we wanted to stay together in the same town. I took my first Pathophysiology exam and made a 102 which you are calling a weed out course. I am pretty proud of myself for working hard and pursuing my goal of becoming a nurse and not EVER settling for something that someone tells me might be MORE ATTAINABLE by simply looking at a GPA. I have had several discussions with faculty at ETSU about their acceptance process and the importance of looking at students as a whole package instead of looking solely at a GPA number. They have to look at the WHOLE package to choose people that will make competent and compassionate nurses for their program. Maybe during my time here at ETSU, I will meet you. I hope that you are careful in the wording and advice that you give someone. I would hate to ever discourage a person for pursuing a dream.

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    Thanks for your response. I have a 3.37. Last year, I got into both the day and night accelerated programs with a 3.34. (last year they had two accelerated programs, this year they only have one.) If your friend has a 3.5, then I must be a little ways down. I don't think they give any weight to the pre-reqs. I have close to a 4.0 in the pre-req courses and took them all at the 3000 level as opposed to the 2000 level courses that traditional nursing students take. I hope that your friend hears back. If she does please let me know that the waitlist is moving. I agree that they should give us some idea as to where the waitlist sits. I would also still be interested in anyone else who would like to share a GPA.

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    Would anyone who got into the program this year mind posting their GPA? I am trying to gauge where I might stand on the wait list if a spot where to open up at the last minute. I would greatly appreicate it!

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    I also received an admissions letter two weeks ago. I also had all my pre-reqs completed when I applied. Hopefully you will hear something soon TeeVee. I know the waiting is horrible. Candy-are you going to be at pre-orientation on Tuesday?


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    From the financial aid talk at Duke Days, they told us that your EFC is solely used for determining your eligibility for need-based aid. This includes the need-based scholarships and subsidized federal student loans. You should still be eligible for some unsubsidized federal loans meaning that the loans accrue interest while you are in school. Also, Duke does not take you EFC out of your cost of attendence. This means that you are still allowed to borrow up to the cost of attendence for the program despite what the government thinks that your expected family contribution should be. There are limits on the federal loans, but with the private loans you should be able to borrow up to the cost of attendence. Private loans are credit based so the interest rates vary from person to person based on credit history. I hope this is correct and helpful... anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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    Don't get discouraged! I checked the Yahoo board and there are only 55 members. I know that Melissa is one member and she said that there were a few current students on the board to answer questions. I had heard that the class size is typically 72 and even heard a rumor that they may increase the class size this upcoming year.

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    Good luck to all of you waiting for responses! I will be thinking of you this week and crossing my fingers that this board will be filled with good news soon from all of you soon. I know waiting is the hardest part.

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    Congratulations KPod and Jdcurly!!!! I am so excited for you both!!!!!

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    Good luck to all those interviewing tomorrow!!! Just relax and enjoy the day!!! I hope to hear good news from you all next week. I will be thinking of you!

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    I have a 3.3 GPA from a Chemistry degree. I could not tell you what my major GPA was, but I believe it is right around a 3.3 as well. I took A LOT of courses in my first degree and was in an Honors program so all my general education requirements were Honors enriched. I am not sure if this helped my low GPA or not.

    In my pre-reqs, I made:

    Anatomy- B+
    I am currently enrolled in Sociology.

    I did not take a nutrition course or a development course. I am currently working in research.

    I am not a great writer either. I do think that I had good recommendation letters, but I have not seen them to verify that. In my interview, I tried to convey my passion for a career in nursing. I am also really interested in pursuing an doctoral degree and I talked about that. I hope this helped!

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    Congrats Molly!!! I got in as well!!!!!! I am also SO SUPER excited!! I hope the rest of you will be joining us soon!!!

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    I believe that there were 25 people at the interview day. From things said, I kinda gathered that they did about 15 phone interviews that day as well. I don't know that for sure though. I was never asked directly what type of nursing that I wanted to go into. In my interview, we did talk about my desire to pursue a doctorate degree, but I was never asked specifics. Many of the people that I talked to knew what areas they might be interested in, but it did not seem too important. It would not be overkill to wear a suit. It was about half and half. Many people did wear suits and a lot of people just worn business casual. Just look nice and be comfortable. One more thing about the number of interviewee's... the current students told us that the number of interviewees vary from day to day.
    They said that they interview about 70% of applicants are interviewed and about 50% of those interviewed are offered acceptance based on previous years.

    I hope this has helped! Good luck to you!


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    I interviewed at Duke Days yesterday. It was amazing. I had not previously visited Duke so I did not know what to expect. Every faculty and staff member that I interacted with was wonderful. They definitely showed us true Southern hospitality. The interviews were very laid back. The interview was conducted with two faculty members at once. They had a list of five general questions that they ask and then they fielded questions from you. They also had read my application and asked me a few questions about specific things that I had talked about. It was not stressful at all. The new facility is very nice. Everything is top of the line. We had students give us a tour of the hospital and they then conducted a question and answer section. I learned a lot from talking to them. There were two December graduates that gave the tours. They both already had jobs with the Duke system and sounded very pleased with their placements. I learned a lot but I will list a few things that I found most interesting...

    1.) When entering the program, you have to pick one of two pathways. These are 1 credit hour courses that you take special every semester. The two pathways are language and research. The language pathway features medical spanish. The research pathway introduces you to the basics of nursing research in the instance that you may be interested in pursuing another degree such as a PhD.

    2.) In your last semester in the program, one of the courses that you take is last semester call nursing specialty synthesis. In this course, you listed your top three choices of specialty placement and they attempt to pair you up with a preceptor in that specialty. You work 14 (12 hour) shifts with that person. They told us that last year (3/4) of the students were offered a job where they did their synthesis course.

    3.) You start going to clinicals in week three of your first semester.

    4.) The interviewers told me that I would hear back by the end of Feb.-mid-March. The students told us that some people hear as early as the week after their interviews, but told us not to worry if we don't. The way they said it was explained to them by the faculty is that during the process there are always some "definite yes's" and they go ahead and offer admission to those. Some interviewee's they like, but hold us to see the rest of the Duke days groups.

    Also, Duke Health System has up'ed the amount that they will pay back to just a little above 49,000 over three years, but it is taxed at a rate of 38%.

    I hope this has helped. Feel free to ask questions.


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    I did also apply to the 2 year program. I am really keeping my fingers crossed about the second degree though!

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    Hi Lady Vol...

    I am an ETSU alumni (non-nursing degree), but am applying for the second degree program starting this summer. I did some research on the program last year as well so I know a little bit. The program is five semesters long. It only starts in the summer. It is considered an accelerated format. I think that the program accepts around fifty students a year although I am not positive that is correct. It is fairly competitive. The program told me last year that selection is based solely on previous GPA. I believe the cut-off for acceptance is generally around a 3.3. Last year, there were two second degree programs though (a day program and a night and weekend program). I have been told that this year the night and weekend program has been canceled leaving only the day program. I am not sure what this will do with the competitiveness of entry.

    I think the program looks pretty good. There are several hospitals in the area that participate in providing clinical sites. The two local hospitals also offer scholarship support for students that will commit to three years after graduation. The School of Nursing is located in a newly renovated building which has nice lecture halls and resources for students. There is so shifting of administration within the college. A new Dean will be starting in Feb.

    I hope this provided some answers. If you have other questions that I might be able to answer, let me know!! Also, I have had several friends go through the traditional program and everyone seems very happy with their experience.