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    Thank you guys sooooooooooo much!! I really appreciate your help!!!!

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    Hey everyone .I am a newbie!!! I hate to start of like this....I will be asking for your help yall'll So i am a pre-nursing student please excuse my user name. They didn't have much available. Any way I am finishing up my associate in pre-nursing this June, I can't wait!! And I am just appyling to several school, about 3. My hopes in getting in isn't too high but it wouldn't hurt to try, right! If it doesn't work out , I will try again. Any way I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to come across this forum. It is such an amazing community. And please let me know do you think its wrong for me as a nurse to sit with his parents and tell them to tell their son? I understand that in prodessional careers you shouldn't get into plp business....i will let you read ahead.

    Ok Here is the deal....I am applying to BSN nursing program here is the question below. I just started my essay lease excuse the grammer and spelling...but could you let me know if i am making sense. Thanks.

    Bobby is an 8-year-old boy with hemophilia. He has developed early acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) from a previous blood transfusion, but he does not know that he has AIDS. His parents have chosen not to tell Bobby that he has AIDS, and do not want any health care provider to tell him either. His parents have gone to great lengths to make certain that Bobby's AIDS diagnosis has been treated and followed under the guise of needing tests or treatments for his hemophilia. In the last year, Bobby has been hospitalized twice for pneumonia and responded well to treatment. Imagine yourself as being his nurse and that you were involved during his last 2 hospitalizations. Bobby is knowledgeable and understands his treatment for hemophilia. He has talked to other kids with hemophilia who have not had any problems with pneumonia. He asks you at his third admission to the hospital for pneumonia if he can talk to you for a few minutes. He says he cannot talk to his parents about this because they will not talk to him. He asks you if he has AIDS.

    There is no right or wrong answers in this dilemma. You should write a logical essay that shows your critical thinking about your decision to tell or not to tell Bobby of his diagnosis of AIDS. In your essay, discuss the following points: 1) do you tell Bobby about his diagnosis of AIDS or not; 2) what are the issues and points of conflict; 3) who are the interested parties; 4) what are the consequences; and 5) what are your obligations? (

    As a nurse caring for Bobby, I would have chosen not to tell Bobby of his condition. The reason why I wouldn't disclose such information to Bobby is because his parents request for the health care providers to not enclose any information about his condition. Although I disagree with his parents, it isn't my place to disrespect their decision. As a nurse, I understand that I am able to share sympathy and relationship with my patients to a certain extend but to transgress the guardian rights is beyond unacceptable in whatever field we work in. Bobby question would encourage me to sit and discuss with his parents about the importance of enclosing this complex situation to their son. I would share my thoughts and reasons and inform them that my reason of discussing with them is because of their son wanting to know if he has aids. The interested parties would of course be his parents, because the matters lie in their hands. My obligation as a nurse is to make my patient as comfortable as he can be. By discussing wi